Helping Young and Old in La Chole

Apart from the much appreciated donations by readers of my Message Board that my wife and I recently delivered to the children of the elementary school “Benito Juárez” in La Soledad de Maciel (La Chole), we also received cash gifts, baby clothing and knitting yarn to distribute at our discretion. It wasn’t hard locating needy and expectant mothers to deliver the baby clothes and yarn to.  Here they are as they received their gifts.

Happy Mother and Baby Receive Clothing
Happy Mother and Baby Receive Clothing

Expectant Mother Receives Clothing
An Expectant Mother Receives Clothing

Another Expectant Mother Receives Clothing
Another Receives Baby Clothes

Another Expectant Mother Receives Yarn
Another Expectant Mother Gets Yarn

We also sought out the neediest man and the neediest woman in the village to give them cash donations we had received from some very generous people. Our friend Adán had no trouble finding the two people who most needed this kind of help.

Elderly Woman Receives Donation
An Elderly Woman Receives Donation

Elderly Man Receives Donation
An Elderly Man Receives Donation

Every little bit helps, and all of these recipients of your generosity were genuinely grateful that folks like you took the time and made the effort to help them. Although most folks in La Chole have never seen a computer or the internet and have very little idea what the World Wide Web is, they understood your selfless gesture and took it in the right spirit. Lupita and I were truly humbled to be able to distribute such gifts to such needy yet noble people. The recipients of your donations in La Chole thank you, and so do Lupita and I. The folks who make things like this possible make this world a better place for all of us.

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