Trip Report - 4/08-15/06

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Escrito por Mike in Oly desde ( el día domingo, 23 de abril, 2006 a las 02:21:43 horas :

Sorry to report that our trip was not the least bit noteworthy! It was our first venture into Zihua/Ixtapa after several trips to PV, Mazatlan, Cozumel, & Cancun. We found Zihua to be a bit above Tijuana, and Ixtzpa a bit below Los Angeles. The whole area was very non-descr1pt to us and definately not wirth a return trip.

Now, all that said, I'm sure the people on this board find the area very attractive and that is what is so wonderful about this world, that each of us has our own opinions as to what we like. I will respect your opinion, as long as you respect mine.

We stayed at the Qualton on Playa Linda, which we personally found to be a dump! Playa Linda quickly became overcrowded with locals as the week wore on. They soon invaded our resort and began bathing and washing their clothes at our beach shower.

Ixtapa was nothing more that a resort strip on one side of the road and a stip mall on the other.

Zihua was a two block walk of nice cafe's and shops surrounded by filth and hustlers. Whiskey Water World personnel were the most arrogant people we ran into, and they were Americans! I tried to ask them for help and was quickly rebuked after they found out I didn't want to go fishing! Z-Rob... they had NOTHING good to say about you! One of the questions I asked was how to find you, because I had become so frustrated in trying to locate things, and ..... well, let's just say they were of no help in directing me to you! I was shocked!

Needless to say, we cut our trip short and returned home 2 days early!

Z/I is now off of our places to make a return visit!

We wish all of you who enjoy the area nothing but the best, and thank you for allowing us to visit your "home away from home"!

Adios Amigos!

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