Trip Report April 2006

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Escrito por Dwight in Sequim,WA. desde ( el día lunes, 01 de mayo, 2006 a las 10:04:16 horas :

Arrived Friday 4/21,Picked up rent a car at Hertz
No Problem... Went to Catalina, checked in, went to Sunset bar for Dos Par Uno for a few rounds with friends from message board, then to La Calafor dinner, AWESOME locat1on,
service,food,and Emma is devine. :)
Then breakfast at La Ropa and off to Commercial Mexicana.
Drove to Troncones to check into villa. Met up with my amigo Ernesto and went to dinner and to watch dancers from Zih at Me Casa Su Casa again awesome. Sunday hung out a villa Did the three R's.. Reading , Relaxing, and Ritas.
Our new friends from the board took a taxi out and we hung out at the villa until we went to the Burro Barracho to watch the Sunday night local dancers. A nice full day.
Monday up early to drive to Santa Claire Del Cobre with my amigo Ernesto. Watching a 56 year old man work can humble
you. The people were so kind. Left there via a cobblestone road and drove to Paracho to look for guitars. Found an acoustic/electric and "had to have it" so the luthier said he could finish it in 3 hours. Spent the night in Paracho.
Shopped around the shops of Paracho,hung out at the town square,(I think all towns should have a town square)
took some awesome pictures,picked up guitar,bought an old lady dinner,,,,what a trip. Then drove back to Troncones.
Ernesto invited Max over to play guitar,again.....Awesome.
On Wed,,,,just relaxed at the villa and did the three R's.
Thursday...up early to go fishing with Santiago on the panga Gitana with Ernesto, Dio, and me all catching SAILFISH. You should have seen Dios face.... :)
Lived there all his life and never had fished like that before and I was so glad he got a fish, but then again Santiago is one of the best in Mexico at catching sailfish.
It was my wifes birthday so at the villa Adriana made dinner. We had Chilie Relanos,Shrimp rolls,salad,ohhh my.
Friday we threw a Finito Festiva, basically clean out the fridge and drink whats left Bar b Q. Ernesto and Mary Ann,
Max and Angelica, Santiago and Maui and thier daughter
Stephanie all came over and we had more fun,more guitar,more food,more memories, and we made some more AMIGOS. As we were leaving Saturday we saw Dio and his wifewaiting for the bus, we took them to the market in Zih for thier weekly shopping. He took us through the market.
Until the next time,,,,,,Adios Amigos and Mucho Gracias.

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