trip report day one

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Escrito por Bonita desde ( el día viernes, 05 de mayo, 2006 a las 20:12:07 horas :

we had an uneventful flight. Just wished we had more time to spend at connecting flight in HOuston. One hour is just not enough time to unboard one plane and connect at 2 terminals out. well back to Ixtapa. staying at the Krystal again. People are as plesant as always. very tired so just ate dinner here at hotel and we will be out scouting our favorites places again tomorrow. back to uneventful forgot to mention we could not find our pre paid ground transportion so we got sucked into paying full price for a/c cab $29 but all turned out ok Carlos from travelocity called me in our room and wants to meet with me tomorrow and reimburse me. I never even got a chance to send an email to travelocity. way to go TRAVELOCITY.

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