Overdue trip report, may set a record for length, so be ready.

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Alrighty then… Though this was my 8th time to the wonderful land of Oz or Mexico, and our second time to Zihua. This is my first attempt at a report of this type…most of my trip reports are long orations over Coronas or Tequilas to friends and family or anyone else who will listen as I ramble on about how each trip was better than the last and about how if you haven’t been there…”Ya just don’t get it, man”. Anyway I digress...

Our journey began with a flight on Continental Airlines from Denver to Houston where Mother Nature rudely interrupted our trip by casting severe storms in and around the Houston area prior to our arrival. This little episode caused massive delays and several cancelled flights and connections. Though our connection to Zihuatanejo was not cancelled, only delayed about 2 hours, the experience provided a chance to dwell in a swirling mass of humanity and provided us with valuable insight of how two hours in a closet-like space with several angry and hot travelers can allow people to really show their good side. Luckily for us, there was a bar selling overpriced Coronas in the immediate vicinity and after knocking a couple back, my outlook on humanity improved drastically. Before we knew it, we were aboard a small jet and whisking down the runway, once again happy to be underway. After a short, overpriced Corona induced nap, we were on final into paradise, and my outlook was improving by the minute.

We snapped through the airport and customs without a hitch and were soon outside with the Apple rep. waiting on our cab, which arrived quickly, and we were on our way. Arriving at the Villa Mexicana we were dismayed to discover that our e-mailed requests for ocean view rooms had not been met. I tried the cool guy American thing and laid a twenty on the counter and said “You sure you have no rooms with ocean view”. At this gesture the girl working the desk looked quite embarrassed and refused the money, and said that yes, she was absolutely sure and no more money was necessary as we had already paid in full. It was now my turn to be very embarrassed as I now felt like a tool, and stuffed the money back in my pocket, and followed the bell boy to our room which didn’t have an ocean view, but instead was inches from the pool and all the fun that goes with a room like that. As a side note, the girl at the front desk assured us in writing that our room requests would be met on Monday, and she was right, as Monday morning we re-packed our bags, left them in a heap inside the room, and when we returned later in the day, our bags were in a great 2nd floor room with a superb view of the beach and ocean.

Anyway, when we got to the room, we quickly changed into attire more appropriate to latitude, and ordered a few Coronas at Dona Prudencia’s , the hotel bar and restaurant. I was a little shocked at the price: 13 bones or 120 pesos for four beers. Uh, oh… had all the prices risen sharply in Zihuatanejo since our last visit in 2004? We were scheduled to meet some friends from ZihuaRobs board at the Sunset bar next door at the Catalina for 2 for one happy hour, so we decided to go ahead and head over there and see how their drink prices compared. Since I was unsure of the locat1on of the Catalina, I decided that we should hop in cab and direct the driver to take us there. The driver must have had a hard time not busting out laughing when I told him where we wanted to go. He fired up the motor, drove a few feet (well, maybe 100 yards) up the hill and exclaimed in good English, “Here you go my friends”. Once again, feeling like a tool over the laughter which was unabashedly coming from the back seat, I fished in my pocket and dug out the 3 bones plus a dollar tip for the grinning driver. At least the taxi prices appeared to be the same, but who could tell for a trip of a distance which we could have easily spit across?

At the Catalina, we checked the front desk to see if our new amigos had arrived yet, and found that indeed they had not, so we proceeded down the myriad of stairs to the sunset bar. Oh man, what a gorgeous place! Here is where the trouble began. We ordered a round of drinks for the four of us, and my buddy and traveling companion told the waiter to make sure and “heat ‘em up, which I saw the waiter translating to the bar-tender. I should have taken heed when I saw the bartender and the waiter laughing as the barkeep upended the tequila and rum bottles for extended glugs when mixing our margaritas and pina coladas for the ladys. Well, after two, the ladies admitted defeat and started slowing down. Us men, on the other hand were so glad to be in paradise, in a wonderful setting that we continued to quickly inhale the super-drinks and started feeling much more lovey and smarter by the minute. Soon our new friends showed up and the party switched into high gear. We watched a magnificent sunset, and visited and drank until dusk, and had a nice visit with the other patrons since the bar-keep extended happy hour for his ‘nuevo amigos’. The drinks were a great value, though I don’t exactly remember the price. Our friends had made reservations for us all of us at La Cala for 8:30 and in no time what so ever, it was time to hop in the cab and head out.

The cab ride and arrival to this magnificent restaurant are a little blurry and difficult to recall, though I do recall much singing, slurry Spanish with the cab driver, and a joyous feeling of being home at last after a long and arduous winter. The La Cala was outstanding with a breathtaking view of the surf at dusk, the fresh sea-air, and of course excellent margaritas. There was an excellent guitar player there to serenade us and he knew all of our Mexican favorites, (Cielito Lindo, Besame Mucho, etc.) and he really made the evening special for us. My meal was pretty Spartan, just a salad, as I had a pretty full tummy, but those among us who did order a full meal assure me that the food was just as good as the atmosphere which was absolutely fantastic. After the salad, I became so awash with the wonderful contentment of being among my people, the sound of the surf, and the nice guitar music, etc, that I decided to take a little nap. Nothing annoying to anyone else mind you…just leaned back in the chair and discreetly closed the eyes for a few minutes. My new friends from the board took this opportunity to regale me with a wonderful song of their own, which I don’t recall, but my wife said was a nice little ditty laced with “only a few” profanities. She decided that maybe we should retire to quarters more appropriate for sleeping and we returned to the Villa Mexican for a much longer nap after such a full day.

I know I’m getting carried away here, but if your going to tell a story…

Coming up…the next day.

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