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Escrito por frostbite desde ( el día sábado, 13 de mayo, 2006 a las 11:03:57 horas :

Flew down May 6th to inspect the Yellow Monster - poetically referred to as "The Mango Mansion" by our across-the-street neighbors - but they are writers. I'm still kind of embarassed at how big the place turned out to be. Aside from a long list of odds and ends that need to be taken care of, it's essentially done. It's hard to describe how great it felt to finally be able to sleep there.
The flight down was uneventful; even got a free upgrade on the LAX - ZIH leg. It turns out that our flight arrived in ZIH fourth after a United flight and 2 Continental aircraft. I was off the aircraft first and feeling pretty smug about how quickly I was going to get through Immigration and Customs until I opened the door to the building and discovered that there were at least a couple of hundred people already waiting in line. And that during the off-season. Weird! Poor Miguel, my ride into town, had to wait a full hour before I finally made an appearance. What struck me as particularly odd was the fact that the Paseo del Pescador was virtually deserted when I was there a couple of nights later for dinner. Hard to imagine that that whole crowd was in Ixtapa. Dinner at Daniel's was great as always: Pulpo Al Mojo De Ajo (octopus with garlic), preceded by a margarita and followed by a complimentary Kahlua. Nice touch! Had the usual excellent meal at La Gula. They will be closed for a few weeks later this Summer. Pepe and Rosa, the owners, will be traveling to Italy. I'm sorry, but I forget the dates. Speaking of closures: contrary to previous plans to stay open year round, La Casa Cafe has closed down and will reopen on June 27th. Another great meal was had at the relatively new "De Donde Eres?", also on Calle Adelita. The place is operated by a charming young couple; Sabrina from Italy and Nick from Fiji. Highly recommended by this old chowhound. During the slow season they're open Thursday through Sunday.
Returned home on May 9th. Everything went very smoothly. I checked in early and got free upgrades all the way home to Anchorage and the departure lounge was not at all crowded. Even going through Customs and Immigration in LAX was not the usual horror show; very short lines at both stations.
Now I'm sitting here looking at all the pictures I took while my tan fades back to its usual Alaskan barfly palor. Can't wait for next Winter!

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