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Escrito por Rob in W. Linn, OR desde (?) el día viernes, 19 de mayo, 2006 a las 17:54:38 horas :

Got back last week after a wonderful 7 days in Troncones. I had just ended a two-week stay at the Catalina in Zihua and was quite sad to be leaving. At least I wasn’t ending my trip and heading home! While at the Catalina I befriended one of the beach vendors. He was an incredibly nice guy and he offered to take me to Troncones in his own car. I was a bit hesitant, however, I decided to take him up on his offer and I’m certainly glad I did. This guy is married with two kids and insisted on driving me up there while repeatedly refusing any payment. He met me at the Catalina at the agreed upon time, his car freshly washed. He seemed to really get a kick out of being my personal driver. He stopped for refreshments and made sure I was comfortable. He asked me a few days earlier what type of music I liked and I told him classic rock was my favorite. Soon after departing the Catalina he inserted a great CCR cd. This guy was good! Listening to CCR while driving in Mexico was a surreal experience, I must say. He safely delivered me to the La Posada de los Raqueros in Troncones and, after refusing money for at least the 5th time, I slipped $40 into his center console when he got out of the car. The Raqueros owner, Hans met me in the driveway and cheerfully greeted me. One step inside his place and I knew I’d chosen a great place to stay. I’ve vacationed quite a bit, however, I’ve never stayed at a B & B or other very small hotel. The Raqueros is a “B & C” (that would be free coffee in the morning, as opposed to a full meal). Owned and operated by Hans and Angie this place is amazing. I stayed in one of the “small rooms” (cuartos?) adjacent to the main house’s kitchen and dining areas. My “small room” was exceptional in every way. It was anything but small, in my opinion. A king-sized bed, desk with chair, personal fridge, 5-gallon water bottle and beautiful decorations throughout stunned me as I entered. Hans and Angie obviously take great pride in their home and I felt honored to be sharing it with them. Hans and Angie own two dogs, Tufi and Marimba. These two dogs would follow me up and down the beach and seemed to want to make sure I found my way home after each trip. They’re great 4-legged mascots for the place! Without droning on too long, let me just say that if you’re considering staying in Troncones, the Raqueros will not disappoint you. (For great photos, reviews and more, see the Raqueros website link in Rob’s Troncones directory.)
Regarding Troncones in general, it’s extremely peaceful. Manzanillo beach felt like my own private playground as it was nearly always deserted. I did very little while in town, exactly as I’d planned. I did rent a bike for a day from the Eden restaurant and hotel next door. I rode all over the place and had a sore butt to prove it the next couple of days. Unlike La Ropa in Z, there are actually a lot of shells to collect on either end of Manzanillo beach. The first day I was there I walked south on the beach and stopped at the Tropic of Cancer Beach Club. I was so hot and sweaty and their pool was just too attractive to pass up. I had a couple of margaritas, had a great dinner and swam in the pool while there. The Roqueros is on the north end of town, a bit removed from most of the restaurants. I ate all of my other meals at one of three different places, all of which were very close to the Raqueros and all of which I recommend. For the best breakfast, I’d suggest the Inn at Manzanillo. I had several meals there, all of which were great. They have these things they call “Thai tacos”…mmmm. I had several meals at La Palapa, on the beach. Quite good. The place that most impressed me, however, was the Eden. They have a Sunday BBQ that was quite tasty, particularly the ribs. Their pasta was very good, as well. Most noteworthy to me was the pizza, a house specialty. I had the pizza twice and probably ate at the Eden at least 5 different times.
Troncones is a magical little place and while I was alone, I appreciated the fact that it’s quite a romantic town that will have to be shared with a special someone next time I visit.

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