Taxi anyone? and a trip report

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Escrito por judi in Oklahoma desde ( el día martes, 30 de mayo, 2006 a las 15:16:52 horas :

I can highly recommend Eddie, Taxi #379, for anyone wanting to take side trips from town.

His cell # is 017555585662

This May was the second trip we called on his services.
A very nice young man with a great sense of humor who speaks excellent English.

On our first trip to Zihuatanejo last November we spent an entire day with him. We bought him lunch in Barra de Potosi as he hung out around the enramada kitchens, he seems to know everyone there, while we enjoyed the beach. Then he just reappeared when we were ready to move on.

This last trip we called him many times. He always showed up 10 minutes before we had scheduled.
When we left La Madera for a stay in Barra de Potosi we called Eddie. We stopped on La Ropa for lunch at La Prudencia, again Eddie hung out around the kitchen. I believe this is part of Villas Mexicanos? I had shrimp filled with a wonderful cheese, wrapped with bacon, over the best creamed spinach I've ever had. Fabulous!
Next stop was the Commercial Mexicano for food and supplies. Eddie insisted on pushing my cart, helping me pick out cheeses and other good stuff. Wish I had an Eddie every day...
He set me up with a panga and captain for a day of fishing out of La Barra and came with me since my husband didn't want to go. Had a great time even though I didn't catch a thing this trip. $120. for about 6 hours.

While in Zihua we had great meals at Tamales Any, Banditos, and Kau Kan. Good food and drinks at Casa Arcadia on the waterfront at Playa Principal where I naturally gravitated every day, having been born and raised in Arcadia, CA.
Oh and if you are looking for a good day of fishing...go see Louis at Casa Arcadia. He works nights there and does fishing charters during the day on his boat, Michelle. I went with him last November and caught several dorado. Spotted a few sails but they weren't hungry I guess. Louis also speaks very good English. I had asked around before we set up the deal and he was very well thought of.
Tell him Judi & Jeff in Oklahoma sent you. He charged us $180. for a 7 hour day.

Back to Eddie. He's really a great guy. Again, tell him Judi & Jeff in Oklahoma gave you his number. His fares are very reasonable and honest. Course, having been a service person, fine dining bartender, all my working career I tend to tip very well. Yes DrZihua, if you are reading this, I have been getting people buzzed for 25 years and proud of it!

judi in OK

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