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Escrito por Petra in Minnesota desde (?) el día lunes, 05 de junio, 2006 a las 22:39:39 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Presidente Intercontinental Resort escrito por Sassy desde ( el día domingo, 04 de junio, 2006 a las 10:44:57 horas :

Dress is casual..for fiesta nights or if you are eating at the buffet, shorts would also be fine. The reservations restaurants prefer men with long pants and ladies in a casual summer dress or slacks or capris. The dress code is to allow you to have a nice dining experience without being seated next to someone who has been on the beach all day in shorts and a tank top. The beach chairs depend on how busy the hotel is. We have gone at 9 AM and not had a problem. There is a problem with folks who get up at 5AM to put a shirt or book on their favorite chair and then not show up until noon to use it. There are nice shopping areas acrosse the street. For a nice dinner out I suggest Villa De La Selva..the concierge at the hotel will make reservations for you, It is about a 5 minute taxi ride and a nice opportunity to get our and visit other restaurants. Prices are average for a good restaurant.
Bring sun tan is very expensive there.
Some rooms have safety deposit boxes...if not there are safety deposit boxes behind the main desk...they are secured and monitored by the front desk staff. Ask for one when you check in.
Have a great time....

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