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Escrito por HollyK desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de junio, 2006 a las 16:20:42 horas :

I've read a couple of positive reviews and have looked at their website but these questions aren't answered. As what's *not said* always leaves me wondering, perhaps folks who are familiar with this property could help me out?

A) Where on Playa Madera is this property located? As in beside X or between Y & Z . . .
B) This appears (from the photo on their site) to be a condo building - somewhat unusual in Zihua from my limited experience. Is this correct?
C) If this is a condo building, then how many floors does it have, on what floor is this particular condo (see link), and on what floor is the pool - ground level or roof level?
D) Are there any *issues* for this property? I read of the Canal Sewage issues and wonder if this would be noticeable at this locat1on. Any other items I've read about in other reviews (of other locat1ons) such as constant parrott squawking or whatever. Not saying we couldn't deal with some things -- just want to know before we go. :-))
E) From the pictures on the site, I'm thinking this condo has a very narrow balcony that would largely preclude sunbaking on it. Is this accurate?

Thanks for any help you can give us. This board is a fund of info to which I've often referred in the past. Missed Zi last year and simply can't do another winter at home! :-))

Ciao Holly

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