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Tuesday was going to be just a laid back day since we had been fishing the day before and did not think we could stand another day of such intense excitement.

We went to Banana's again for breakfast. By this time our Godsons father John was into trying something he had seen every morning but had never had. Chilequilas (and my Spanish spelling sucks but I give it a try anyway). He had them and thought it was a shame he had never had them before. The rest of us did the pancake, fruit, bacon and egg thing. By now Mitchell (our Godson) was trying any kind of fruit drink they they would make for him. Today it was banana-melon. And our little 4 year old Julian, he loves eggs. Eggs like his godmother makes for him. That is what he told the waiter at breakfast. They wanted to know what I did differently and they were happy to add a little milk and cheese to the eggs and scramble them in a little butter. That is service for sure.

Since we had not put on our bathing suits before heading to breakfast we had to go home. We packed up all our stuff, grabbed extra bottles of frozen water, Julian checked in with his mother and off to the pier we went. We were off to Otillia's at Las Gatas. We did not have to take our boogie boards since Julian had some already at the beach. He was happy to be able to be the boy in the know for Mitchell. We got to the pier just in time to catch a ride over with Julians Father. He works at the beach. Now Julian was really the king. He ever got to help Julio steer the boat.

When we got to the beach at Otillia's we all got lounges under the palapas. It is usually too hot under the umbrellas for me and the others with me thought the same. If you want sun you can go to the water, but other than that give us all the shade. Franco out did his self on bring the drinks. Lisa loves pina coladas but she had never had one of the pineapple drink pina coladas that Franco doctors up with flowers and fruit. She was more than happy and thought she was queen for the day.

The boys went snorkeling, swimming, boogie boarding, and just scouting out the beach. Lisa and I spent time in the shade keeping cool with the drinks and dips in the ocean. We decided to build sand castles before lunch and Julian was the water carrier. He had a little bucket and he kept busy bringing water. Then he had the idea of seeing if he could get GodMommie wet. One little bucket of water started the biggest water fight on the beach. Really good way to keep cool and not stay in the water.

Then here came Julian's grandfather and uncle. All the workers from the restaurant were down at the boat taking the catch up to the fish cleaning area. They had been fishing in La Gringa and they were loaded with fish. They catch fish for the restaurant and also to sell when they get too many. This day they had too many. They had gotten into a school of little sharks and they had a boat load. I do not know how many they caught but there were several boats that came in and they all had caught lots of sharks. They cleaned what they wanted for the restaurant and then took the rest to market.

About 2:00 we decided to order some food. We ordered shrimp tacos, shrimp coctails, fried shrimp, filet of shark, and of course Lisa's garlic red snapper. Served with the meal was salad, sopes, steamed vegetables and rice. Wonderful meal for us all. Then a lucky thing happened. There was a young diver walking down the beach trying to sell some lobsters he had just caught from the ocean. This late in the afternoon none of the restaurants were interested. BUT Lisa asked me to find out how much. Since he was not having any luck in his sales effort he was glad I asked. He then sold us 4 nice lobsters for $20.00. Guess what we had for dessert since we were all stuffed from lunch. Marta (the cook in Otillia's kitchen) asked us how we wanted them cooked and we just let her do her thing. We shared our fare with Julio and his brother as there was no way we could eat all the lobster. I think Franco even got in on eating one of the tails.

We left Las Gatas a little earlier than we normally would because we had been invited to a party out near the airport. So after this day we expected to be laid back we had to get a move on. Wrapping presents, getting showers, and trying to get correct directions to how to get to the party kept me busy for a little bit. Rosa and Sandra (massage girls on Las Gatas beach) had invited us to Sandras house for a graduation party for Rosas daughter. Was not as easy to find the house for the party as I thought it would be. They lived behind Pollocoa restaurant but I did not know that in the search. Finally found the place and there were lots of people there already celebrating. It seems as though they were waiting on us to arrive before they are. And when they told us that we all looked at each other like EAT! What do you mean eat? we had eaten steadily since about 2:00. They had fixed a pargo talla, beans, rice and I must say it was delicious. They also had made some cucumber water. I thought that did not sound too good but it was actually very refreshing and something I had never had before. There were games and music and did I mention food? We left about 9:00 and on the way home Mitchell asked if we were going somewhere for something to eat. At 15 I guess you could eat any time. Could not keep from laughing but we stopped at Any's and Mitchell had quesadias. We all had a margarita and sat and laughed at all the food we had eaten. Also discussed where we would eat the next day.

Well, John had to go home to New Jersey on Wednesday so we decided to go to MJ's after our normal breakfast. Lisa, John, and Mitchell had never walked the beach to La Madera so we thought that would be a good way for him to end his sight seeing. We had a drink and of course more tacos at Mj's and got home in time for me to get John a sandwich to take on the plane with him. It was not a sad good-by at the airport. Lisa and Mitchell would be going home on Saturday, And John thought he was lucky that we did not send him to the airport in a cab as we were on our way to Playa Larga so we could watch his plane go over. We got to Playa Larga and to the beach restaurant, Oleaje, and were there lounging in the pool when we waved to the plane as it roared overhead.

Wednesday night Mitchell requested white rice for dinner. He and I are both white rice fans and I took him to the best Chinese place in town. Mi Chayito. They had moved and we were their first customers in their new locat1on. Mi Chayito is now at Vicente Gro. #32. That is between Laundry Express and Photo Duran. Nice new building, totally new furnishings and great food. We all shared chicken with brocoli, shrimp with vegetables, and teriaki chicken. They also have a wonderful salad which we shared also. Really good food at great prices.

Thursday we spent the day at La Isla Ixtapa. Do not ever pick a place to stay and eat because you like the waiter. We went with someone we really liked as a waiter and the restaurant he works for is just not up to the standards that I like. We had a wonderful time snorkeling, being on the beach, feeding the fish, and getting a great massage, but the food was just not as good as it should have been. Mitchell and Paul played in the surf for hours even though the waves were really rough. Lisa and I as usual stayed out of the sun as much as possible and checked out all the coral on the beach. On the way back to the water taxi we stopped off and ate a little fish with Santiago from the Gitiana. His daughter was having her end of school party at the beach. We would have been much happier if we had eaten fish with them first instead of after we had our meal at the place we were not happy with.

While we were waiting for the water taxi to come for us we had a good time watching the fish and the people. People watching is one of my favorite things. Then when we got off the taxi on the mainland we had about 30 minutes or so of watching the boys dive for pesos, guys catching fish, and birds attacking. The birds were in a feeding frenzy and all of the things together made for a very interesting time.

We had to get home and dressed again because this was the special night for Julian. He was in the program put on by the school he goes to. He was a plant and his costume was brown tights with leaves sewn all over it. He also had the help of his godmother with painting leaves on his face and hands. The plants danced several times during the production and quite a production it was. They practice for a week before and have really elaborate costumes and program. From there we went to Rhuben's for hambergers and french fries. Mitchell and Lisa had never been there before and thought it was good american food.

After breakfast we headed for Mitchells last day at La Barra. He had liked it well enough to do another day, and school was out so Julian was able to go with us again. The boys ate, played in the surf and boogie boarded all day. Godfather decided to let Julian do a wave by himself and was that a disaster. Julian did fine but Paul was so distressed because for a minute he did not know where Julian was. And actually it was not a minute as I have it all on video but Paul was in a panic. When Julian took off on the wave it was a little big for him and down he went. When the wave went on in Julian was standing in the surf but Paul was looking in a different direction and did not see him. Panic is not a good look for Godfather. Mitchell thought Julian was quite the surfer as he was doing as good as Mitchell and the age difference is 10 years. The shrimp, fish, and tacos were as good as lat time.

Also while the boys were doing the water thing, Lisa and I walked the beach, and found several shells in the surf. I also had a chance to visit a little with Don Otto who is always gracias to me when I interupt his computer work.

As this was the last night for Lisa and Mitchell to have a meal in Zihua, they got to pick the place they wanted to go. Not a surprise to me Mitchell choose Mi Chayito. Julio, Osiria, Valeria, Emiliano, and Julian all went with us for the last supper. Julian's family like the Chinese food almost as well as we do. They often choose that place to go if they are going out with us. I can not even remember all the good food that we chose that time. Lots of different stuff. I do remember that we could not eat it all and took home some in a box for later. Abel, the chef and owner, does give really large portions.

Saturday we were all a little down as this was the last day for Mitchell and Lisa. After another outstanding breakfast at Banana's we shopped for last minute stuff for Lisa to take home and Mitchell probably looked at 1000 bobble head turtles before he found the exact one he wanted. Choosey kid even if he is only spending a dollar.

We then had the best chicken tacos in town at Lilly's restaurant at the end of the pier. Mitchell and Lilly's son, Jonaton finally got to meet each other again after 11 years. They neither one remembered the other and Mitchell spoke to Jonaton in Spanish and Jonaton spoke to Mitchell in English. They each take the others language in school. We all laughed and enjoyed the little conversation. And little it was.

Since we had lunch they choose not to take sandwiches on the plane. Loaded and ready to go to the airport hugs were given and goodbys were said from our Mexican family to our Chinese American family. They all were sad to see Mitchell and Lisa leave. Paul and I were also as we don't see Mitchell as much as we do Julian. It was a great time for us and for all of them.

Paul and I stayed in Zihua for another week and had lots of other good times for sure but that week with both our Godsons with us was very special for us. The best week we probably have ever had there.(until the next one with both of them comes around)

We also ate at El Mediterano, Pollo Feliz, La Perla, Carbonsito, Pastorsito, Pizza Loco and Las Braseros. Lunches we had at various beach restaurants. Our two favorite beach restaurants being Otillia's on Las Gatas and MJ's on La Madera. Margaritas were good at almost every place. The best being at that new little place just past El Mediterano going towards the basketball court. Sorry, do not remember the name but I do remember that they have two for 50 pesos all day long. Guess I did not have too many there since I do remember.

Sorry this has been so long and long in coming. I do have a life when I am not in Mexico even though I think a big part of my life is there. See you all on the beach.

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