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Escrito por LadyMzih desde ( el día domingo, 03 de septiembre, 2006 a las 23:49:12 horas :

I will try and keep this short.

Today we skipped breakfast as we were headed for Playa Larga and a day at the beach. We went to El Oleaje which is the first restaurant on the left after you take the right when you have to turn at Playa Larga. The place is owned by an old friend of my family. Edy.

There were two families as well as myself which consisted of 4 adults and 6 children. 4 girls and 2 boys. The waves were fairly large and the kids were too small for the ocean but Edy had a pool that was full of kids. Probably at one time there were as many as 25 little ones swimming, splashing, jumping and having just a great time. There were too many kids today for me to get in the water. When it is a slow day Edy has no problem with us older kids using the pool.

We ate campanchana, fish fingers, whole red snappers, sopes, and shrimp a couple of different ways. All I ate was great and since we sent nothing back or left nothing on our plates I would say we were all in agreement. Played, walked the beach, visited with friends, and just had a wonderful relaxing day.

Came home about 5 and had to take showers and go to the store so we could make a dinner here tomorrow night for all of us who went to the beach today. Tomorrow night I am the chef.

After all the chores were done I can not imagine how but we were ready for more food. We went to the Pastorcito and had tacos and gringas and little grilled onions that were good enough to order seconds. Then it was off to the basketball court for fried bananas and a little intertainment. Walking to there I stopped at Shiva Bar and had a wonderfully made margarita. I have had them before there but tonight it just hit the spot. On Friday night they are having Jimmi Mammou playing there starting I think they said about 8:00. I am close enough to hear the music whether I would go or not, but I think it would be a fun night so I think I will be going. Jimmi is always a good listen.

I have been home for about an hour and all is quiet at the pier and on the paseo. I can barely hear the music from the basketball court. The new street lights give Paseo del Pescador a nice bright look. The slight 15 minute rain today just made everything fresh.

I will try and keep posting often. Lots of you have said you want to know what is happening here. I do not know much for sure but I can share my little part of the place. And watched from the porch here the celebration at Garobos last night. I had just gotten to town and did not know what the celebration was for. Thanks Rob for the info.

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