Casa Montez- New place in town-day trip report

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Escrito por LadyMzih desde ( el día miércoles, 27 de septiembre, 2006 a las 00:05:32 horas :

Just got home from a night on the town. Started out down at El Mirador, the restaurant above the little 7/11 right off the pier. Ran into some Mexican Marinos who insisted on buying me a drink. I talk to them all during the day when I walk by the base and when they are in uniform. Tonight they were out of uniform and ready for a party. They were way ahead of me on the drinks.

Went from there down the street and did not get far until I ran into Julian, the owner of El Mediteraneo restaurant. He has been gone for two weeks. One week in France and another in Canada. He got home last week while I was in Acapulco so we both said "Welcome Home" to each other. I live almost right next door so we see each other often. Had a margarita (and a very good one) with him. Headed on down the street because I had a new place in mind.

Casa Montez is a new little restaurant that has only been open for 8 days. They are a true Authentic Tex-Mex place. They are located in the same place Ramones restaurant used to be.(For all you old timers) They divided the place and the front of the old restaurant that faces Cuauntemoc street is going to be a jewelry store and the back side of the old restaurant is now this little place that serves "kick A$$" Tex-Mex food. I had the #5 on the menu because they had already run out of the #6. A soft taco (more like an enchalada to me) was just perfect. The crunchy taco was great and "oh my goodness" the refried beans were hot and with melted cheese on top. Hard to find hot beans here. I enjoyed the meal for sure and will return more than one time in the amount of time I have left here. Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas and more. Good prices, clean, and a different kind of place. Good for Zihuatanejo. Check them out. Address Hermenegildo Galeanea #7. Closed Sunday and Monday.

When I left there I saw a friend of mine from 30 years ago. He was just a teenager when I met him. He has worked at Club Med for a long time and is a family man with a 9 year old. Just made my night. Have his number and will visit him soon.

When I got home, LATE, 10:02 Julian had already fallen asleep. He spent the night with me last night and had intended to spend the night again tonight. Just before he went to sleep last night he said in his little southern drawl, "Let's go to the beach". I taught him that when he could first talk. We have a special place just he and I go when I pick him up from school. We go to El Oleaje restaurant on Playa Larga. He eats sopes made especially for him and swims in the pool. He learned a long time ago that I could pick him up from school, go to the beach, eat, swim, and be home in time to pick his sister up from school, and we could do this just he and I. Although when we went today he got in a little horseback riding. He has been afraid of horses all his life and my husband and I have worked for two years for what happened today. We have bought him a cowboy hat and boots and several stick horses. Well, today he put on his jeans, cowboy boots and hat and he rode a horse all by himself. He only rode for about 5 minutes but he did not want anyone to help. I was shocked but he was also.

And how was your day???

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