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Escrito por Roberto! desde ( el día viernes, 29 de septiembre, 2006 a las 01:05:50 horas :

Further on down this page, there is a discussion about Valentin Beach near Petatlan.

I had an opportunity to visit it shortly after the new road was completed this past February.

It took about an hour by taxi from Zihuatanejo, but can be accessed by bus to Petatlan and then a local taxi from there. You will have to make arrangements in advance to be picked up on your return trip

Be forewarned -- it is fairly remote and other than a small restaurant there isn't much in the way of facilities. Take all your necessities with you, including extra water, first aid kit, tissues etc. The beach is wide open to the ocean and sometimes the waves can be quite large with a fair bit of undertow.

Hope this link to the pictures work.


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