Groceries for stay in Troncones

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Escrito por kjaggers desde ( el día viernes, 06 de octubre, 2006 a las 19:14:17 horas :

I've read a number of times on this site that if you are renting a house in Troncones that it is best to do your shopping at Commercial Mexicana in Zihuatanejo before heading off to paridise. Well, I'm fortunate enough to be renting a house (Casa La Paloma -- anyone ever stay here?) over the week of Thanksgiving and I was wondering what, exactly, I can't buy in Troncones. Since I'll probably rent a small car or take a taxi, I want to try and just buy the "necessities" in Z and simply purchase everthing else in Troncones. So....where should I buy things like: fruits and veggies, meat, soda/wine/beer, paper products, milk, eggs, etc..... Any insights into what, exactly, they carry at the small shops in Troncones would be of great help.

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