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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día martes, 07 de noviembre, 2006 a las 11:29:10 horas :

En respuesta a: Land Banking at Barra escrito por Maggie and Don desde ( el día martes, 07 de noviembre, 2006 a las 09:44:29 horas :

La Barra de Potosi is home to a very unique and to many, a precious culture - not found anywhere else in the world in this particular manifestacion... Los Costeņos de la Costa Grande de Guerrero Mexico! There is no other culture like it really.

These are people and a way of life that will disappear if such a development as you describe were to come to pass in the way you describe. Such developments are planned with exactly the kind of thinking that is reflected in your questions. I refer to the measure being - investment - $. I assume you mean monetary, fiscal investment and not investment in protecting the ecology or the culture of an area. (aspects I personally believe should be primary in our investment for our long term happiness).

I have nothing against money. We must all have it to some extent and its creative and wise management results in our enrichment. But we must carefully define our enrichment. This kind of development cares only for the maximization of monetary gain for those primary 'investors' and really not for too much else and certainly not for the protection of such things as the presently existing culture of Costeņo fishermen who are the people of La Barra de Potosi.

If we destroy - allow and or participate in - the destruction of all that doesn't produce the maximum monetary investment for those 'investors', what will we have left? Isn't it time to really consider that? A golden (but empty of diversity and soul) shell in my humble opinion doesn't yield the gratification generated by the poor, place and ocean-rooted, family and community oriented and love-filled culture that now exists in all it's poverty here in La Barra de Potosi.

I have had the privilege to live in both worlds. I have friends and loved ones in both worlds and give all these things their place. It breaks my heart to imagine the paving and golf coursing of this beautiful village - and I refer to the life of the village, the people and their culture.

Hasn't everyone by now heard the term 'pave paradise and put up a parking lot' ? Don't we have enough Ixtapas and Cancuns and Palm Deserts and Miamis and Gold Coasts etc. I give that kind of comfort it's place. But must the entire surface of the earth be sacrosanct to 'investment value' for each investors personal monetary gain with no exceptions ever?

Your interest is an opportunity for an investment. That makes sense up to a point. But apparently it matters relatively little that the investment would be part of destroying an entire community and way of life.

I dare to say publicly here that that should be challenged... that really should be questioned. And for once a different value should preside in each individual's heart despite the deceptive and dictatorial rule of the all powerful- It's going to happen anyway- Them'- and of course $. Because the 'Them' is each one of us.

The world will be less for the loss of the community of La Barra de Potosi and its culture. What would replace it would be a homogenous thing that one can find in any spot on the globe in it's (often rather dull - forgive me)sameness.

Couldn't we just decide to leave some small part of the earth... free from the dominating rule of investment value for developers? Just once couldn't we express another value?

There are other places already invaded, effectively having been 'cleansed' of it's native culture that provide investment values. Please look there for a good investment. Please give the people of La Barra de Potosi a chance to continue living as a community. Please come to visit and enjoy their unique warmth, hospitality and spirit without choosing to become a part of wiping it out.

Forgive me if I seem unfair to your -I'm sure innocent- intentions. But each one of us has an impact. One could choose to disregard an 'investment' opportunity in honor of a community who deserves to live. One could in fact join in an effort to protect this place against such a planned development. (Contact me if you wish to, because that's where I'll be.) Perhaps I could become monetarily wealthy if I were to take advantage of this fiscal opportunity in a development project. I'm a land owner here. But without any doubt or hesitation, I prefer to continue having to search for pesos to meet the light bill but to be able to continue living in this incredible community and participate with my neighbors in its natural development, one that honors the people and the culture here.

I don't want my property values to go up if it means that my neighbors cannot continue to live here, creating each day the life that I so value. Not everyone wants to live as I do... as we do... here in La Barra. But many are revivified, fed in some way in their souls and inspired by their visits here. This is for a reason. This community should be allowed to continue to exist.

Sorry for the long reply. This is a matter near to my heart. If the day arrives that the golf courses go in on top of these huertas de coco and my village, this lagoon with its fishermen in wooden pangas throwing out their small circular nets to take out a few pargos for their family's dinner and is replaced by expensive high-end 'Nautical Villas and wealthy tourist launches, I will be wandering together with the people of La Barra de Potosi in search of a home. I will be exiled with my neighbors and also mourning.

Hasta pronto,

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