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Escrito por FYI desde (?) el día miércoles, 08 de noviembre, 2006 a las 09:51:39 horas :

I sent an email to the folks who Maggie and Don indicated were going to be developing La Barra. Keep in mind that my question was for information only... I have no desire to invest in the decimation of La Barra.


--- the question ---

An acquaintance mentioned that your company might be developing a site in Mexico, near a town named La Barra de Potosi. My wife and I love that part of Mexico and I just wondered if you might have any information regarding investment opportunities etc.

--- the reply ---

Yes, our company has purchased 28 acres of beach front property around the corner from La Barra de Potosi. It is only about 10 miles from Zihuatanejo. A major resort and Marina are proposed by the tourism development department of the Mexican government at La Barra de Potosi. We have government sketches of the plan. We are currently selling shares in the purchased land. There are 220 shares at $23,000Cdn. each. These shares are backed by the land.

Condos will eventually be developed on this land. We are also planing on selling parts of the land as the value of the land increases with surrounding resort development. However, we could be the first development in the area if we want to. Our alternative plan to developing our 28 acres piece immediately is to develop smaller sites closer to Zihuatanejo. We intend to purchase 2.5 acre sites and develop 30 condos at a time within the next year. These would be affordable furnished condos in the $200,000 to $350,000. range for full personal ownership. More expensive condos would be available if desired.

The main component of this investment is to see increased value in the land for the profit of all land holders. The ability to purchase a condo at a true $15 to $20,000 below market value will come along with the purchase of the land investment. A condo purchaser that was not a land investor would pay the market value of the condo. Land owners in the offering would be also get the same money off of a condo on the smaller 30 condo developments.

I have a very nice booklet with photos of the actual land available as well as satellite photos of the area. Maps and government artists sketches of the the planned resort are also in the booklet.

I could mail the booklet to you.

If you decide you would like the booklet email your address to me and I will sent you a copy. Seeing the pictures and the maps really give you a good idea of what we have here.

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