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In Ixtapa, the Naval Hospital is very good - particularly for broken bones and routine emergency care. I've heard many stories from gringos that have received excellent treatment at this facility for everything from intestinal discomfort to broken bones.

In Zihuatanejo, for dental care you can't beat the two sisters that have a practice on the south side of route 200, not far from the point where you leave Zihuatanejo on the way to Ixtapa. Their brother practices in Mexico city most of the time but during the tourist season also works in Zihua perhaps one day per week. Rates are a fraction of what you would pay in the U.S. for cleaning, etc. And the care is excellent.

There's a private emergency facility located just north of the PEMEX station more or less across from the bus station in Zihuatanejo. Competent care, immediate service, and at a very reasonable cost.

Also, Doctor Grayeb in downtown Zihuatanejo speaks fluent english and does a good job of dealing with "family medicine" issues. You don't need an appointment; just show up and wait your turn.

In Mexico, there aren't enough physicians to go around and the majority of the population can't afford one. So the system for getting prescr1ption drugs is very different from what gringos are used to. In Mexico a pharmacist can essentially prescribe common drugs that in the U.S. and Canada require a doctor's prescr1ption. So, for example, a gringo tourist can go into any Farmacia to complain about stomach discomfort and walk away with medicine that in their home country would require a prescr1ption.

In general, I would say that you can get equivalent or better care in Mexico than you can in the U.S. or Canada. However, for anything complicated or requiring special equipment (i.e. MRI) you would need to go to Mexico City. In Zihua and Ixtapa, you can get treatment for the vast majority of emergency and normal illnesses. Particularly for gringos at the Naval hospital in Ixtapa.

Occasionally, for example, an intestinal ailment might be misdiagnosed and the wrong medicine prescribed (no particular harm done, but the problem doesn't go away) - but a return visit would probably put you on the right course of treatment (sort of trial and error sometimes). Also, it seems that to compensate for the lack of sophisticated lab testing and diagnostic equipment (and to some extent expertise) there seems to be a tendency to prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics in perhaps somewhat larger doses. But results are usually quick and effective for common ailments.

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