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Escrito por Brandt Z. desde ( el día martes, 05 de diciembre, 2006 a las 12:15:58 horas :

En respuesta a: medical care escrito por M, Nyhuis desde ( el día domingo, 03 de diciembre, 2006 a las 19:22:54 horas :

Last April I dislocated and (slightly) fractured my shoulder body surfing on my first day of vacation in Zihua. On advice of the staff at Villa de la Roca I went to a private medical clinic about a 10 minute cab ride away. Even though it was a Sunday afternoon they were able to summon an orthopedic specialist as well as an anesthesiologist (sp) in a fairly short time. Since I had consumed alcohol in the past 4 hours the anesthesiologist had to be careful not to put me out completely as my arm was reset. Both doctors were professional and obviously competent- upon my return to the US my doctor took an X-ray, commented "looks good", and scheduled a follow-up in 60 days, after physical therapy. Office equipment, including X-ray machine, was not the latest model but bottom line is; I was was injured and I was correctly diagnosed and treated by a courteous staff and competent doctors. The fact that I was accompanied by a friend with a nursing background and some command of Spanish was reassuring to me but probably not a determining factor in the care or attention I received. Bonus is that pain medication in Mexico is cheaper and easier to obtain than in the US. Total cost of all treatment was around $500 USD, paid in cash, which seemed (and still seems) to be very reasonable. Rest of vacation proceeded as planned, albeit with a sling and reduced cerveza consumption due to pills.

Now my medical "emergency" was not serious or life threatening- it wasn't a heart attack or stroke- but it was representative of a typical sports injury likely to occur on vacation, and other than cost, the outcome was identical to what you would expect in the US.

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