Trip Report 11/28-12/7

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Escrito por judi in OKlahoma desde (?) el día miércoles, 13 de diciembre, 2006 a las 11:28:03 horas :

This was my 4th trip to Zihua in the last year and my husband's 3rd. Our plan was to make no plans and simply relax this time. It was perfect! Our arrival and departure gate in Houston were side by side. Off to a great start!

We always stay on Playa La Madera. Love the quiet, local beach and the easy walk to town. This was our first stay at La Quinta de Don Andres. Only 2 of us but we reserved a 2 bedroom/2 bath facing the bay. The one bedrooms face off to the side. They have a view of the bay, just not a full frontal. Our place was very clean and roomy. Fully equipped kitchen. Nice, large dining table, living area. Wonderful ocean breeze. Nice, clean pool. Esteban the manager was very easy to deal with through email. Quick confirming replies.

Playa Madera was the cleanest I have seen it. I don't think I saw one bit of trash on the beach. Stopped at MJ's for a drink and snack. I always have abulon fritas. Yum.

The canal was not bad. No foul odor this time and not much flowing. Oh, there was one rather large, 10ft?, crocodile. That was fun. We spotted him at the first bridge on the walk to our first stop, Casa Arcadia.

I brought my guys at Arcadia, Louis and Jimmy, Bass Pro Shop T-shirts. They loved them and want hats to go with them next time. Louis got the better looking one as he picked first. So when you see one of them wearing one from Broken Arrow,OK you can say, 'hey, I know where you got that!'

I think we ate at Garrobos that night. As much as we always say we'll take it easy that first night it never turns out that way after partying at Arcadia with old and new friends. I have to say I only drink at Casa Arcadia now. After 2 very bad experiences in the past, I won't eat there. We always find ourselves being pulled to this place though. I think it's Louis & Jimmy that do it. That and the fact that I was born and raised in Arcadia, CA.

Next morning it was La Casa Cafe for desayuno. Wonderful as always.

Spent 2 of our 3 days in Zihua with Franco at Otilia's. What a character! I had met him last August and wanted to bring my husband over. That and I had to have their abulon fritas, the absolute best! Jeff loved Las Gatas and Franco. Everything there is an aphrodisiac(so says Franco), everything is peachy keen, groovy, and bitchen. I taught him a new one...bonaroo to the hub-skins. I doubt he'll remember that one though. If anyone hears him use it, let me know! In fact if anyone has ever heard this saying please let me know. I never have and wonder if it's something my big brother made up in the 60's. heh

And speaking of characters! I took a walk to Owen's Beach Club to see if I could get his book. The place was deserted except for one young kid walking around. When I asked if Owen Lee was around he just disappeared. I spent a few minutes looking around and as I started my walk back to Otilia's this wild looking man came out of the brush wielding a machete. "I hear you're looking for me" he says. I was at a loss for a minute as this guy was covered with gashes, cuts and bruises. Not sure he should be handling a machete as he looks like he has more misses than hits. Truly a wild man look about him. Anyway, he didn't have any books available. As he walked away he said, "we'll talk more next time" Hopefully that will be over a drink and not that machete. Must find the book!

Second day's breakfast was at Bananas. I had very good pancakes, something I never eat at home, and like donuts I call them fat pills. They were fantastic. Jeff had his first chilaquiles and loved it.

Had dinners at Casa Vieja and at De Donde Eres which was outstanding and truly a great experience. Where else can you go to the baño, come out through the kitchen and be handed a piece of bread and told to taste the sauce on the burner? The food was really, really good. Sabrina the owner is yet another character. They've only been open a few months. I imagine they'll be moving to a much bigger place in the future. They're business seems to be soaring and it's a tiny place.

The next day when standing in line at the Comercial Mexicana I got a poke in the back and it was Sabrina. She is just so sweet and I wish them tons of luck.

One morning we stopped by and met Rob and Lupita and left envelopes for 'Zihua kids' and one for Laura's library project. I'm sure it will be put to good use.

On our 3rd morning after stocking up at the CM Louis drove us to Casa Escondida in Troncones for our six nights. I stayed in the beach front casita in August and this was the main reason for going again after only 3 months. I just had to have Jeff see this place. Our stay here was simply the best. Ernesto was there to greet us. Hola Ernie!

Three times we saw enormous whales, maybe 60ft?, breeching who knows how many feet into the air. I've seen this many times but it never fails to mesmerize. An awesome sight!

We cooked 2 kilos of lobster one night that we had bought from divers right in front of us that day.

Breakfast every morning we cooked papas, scrambled eggs with whatever we brought home from the previous nights dinner along with fresh made tortillas.

We ate at Costa Brava a lot. More character here and excellent food. Also Huachinangos and Burro Borracho where we went on Sunday night for the Mexican Fiesta with dancers. That was interesting.

I fished one morning from shore with our caretaker. His wife, the housekeeper, prepared it on the grill for lunch that the 4 of us shared. Wonderful! Also ate fresh oysters bought from the divers in front of our casita. Best and biggest I ever had!

Hmm, I'm sure I'll think of more later. I didn't take notes. Too busy relaxing.

Jeff is the kind of guy who always has to be doing something. He totally relaxed. It was swell!

judi & jeff in OKlahoma

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