Owen Lee

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We met Owen last April and spent the night in one of his bungalows. He was so kind to take us back to town on his personal boat and drive us to our hotel so that we could get enough clothes to stay the night. We rode in his van and stopped at the laundry to get his clothes and supplies for his bungalows. I mentioned to Owen that I would also like to meet Senor Gunnysack. Just a few minutes later Owen said, 'there he is'. So Owen introduced him to us. Senor Gunnysack got a kick out of the fact that he's so special to people on this forum. I told him that he's famous! I think he was surprised that we were so happy to meet him. We saw him twice again that week and he hugged me each time. I felt so special. I hope to see him again next April
While we were talking to Owen over breakfast, he seemed very preoccupied. Then we realized he was watching what was going on down the beach. A man that he said use to work for him was climbing a coconut tree to steal coconuts and fell. He took of running and when he came back he was visibly shaken and said that he didn't think the guy was going to make it. I wonder what ever happened to that man? Owen was also watching the snorklers. He said that many of them go over too far where it isn't as safe, so he's always keeping an eye out. I wonder how many people he has saved? Very interesting guy and I hope to see him again next April, also. We bought his book from him and I really enjoyed reading it. There were a few typos, but that just added to the charm of it for me.

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