My Rental Car Strategy

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Escrito por Ernie Gorrie desde ( el día domingo, 17 de diciembre, 2006 a las 19:44:10 horas :

As I say, I don't rent a vehicle often now, so I'll give away some of my tips.

1. I wait until a couple of days before I am leaving to make a reservation. (See below for the reason.)

2. I check both a multi-vendor web price (I use Travelocity) and the company-specific website (in this case Hertz). This provides me with the best documented price.

3. I phone the international reservations desk and get a price from them for the lowest level car I am willing to accept. If the quoted rate is higher than I have found I refer them to that rate.

4. I reserve this lowest-accepable vehicle through the international reservations telephone number. They have no idea what cars will be available the next day or two in Zihuatanejo. I don't think they even forward the information about my reservation to Zihuatanejo.

5. I have the reservations people either email or fax the confirmation to me.

6. When I arrive at Zihuatanejo, they never have the low level car available. My guess is that they have held those cars for people who reserved weeks in advance.

7. I let them calculate the rate for the vehicle. It is usually higher than the rate I was quoted, so I show them the confirmation.

8. I have always received a superior vehicle and paid the lower rate.

9. I always take a camera with me. When we do the pre-delivery inspection, I take lots of photos. They know that I have photos of the entire vehicle. I sometimes make a point of taking a few closeup shots to make the point.

10. I have never been questioned about any vehicle damage when I return the vehicle.

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