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Escrito por bc desde ( el día miércoles, 20 de diciembre, 2006 a las 13:54:25 horas :

Three weeks went by far to fast. Left Vancouver in the middle of a snowstorm, missed my flight out of YVR so I spent the afternoon in LA, and arrived in Zihua a day late, no big deal, 20 days instead of 21.
I stayed in the Madera area, nice accommodation at Casa Azul, about $60 (us) per night. I was by myself for the first 10 days, mainly hung out at MJ’s, the number 7 breakfast is good but the ranchero steak with chillaquilles was the best (sorry Stew). Slow easy do nothing days, perfect.
Things were a bit more active after my wife came. Most of our breakfasts were at Joe’s (Café Marina) as they opened earlier than MJ’s. Must say that I think Joe does a better breakfast than Raphael. Had the Chilaquilles at Margarita’s one morning, they were the best I have had in Zihua (16 visits in 14 years). We spent a few days at Las Gatas at Otilia’s; Franco is as entertaining as ever. The two days we were there (mid week) the beach was empty and suited us just fine (not so good for the restaurateurs). We had dinner one night at the Mexican/Asian place, it was disappointing. We had a fish fillet with garlic and a pad thai. The fish was way overcooked and the noodles in the pad were way too soft. Two dinners at La Gula, finally a place in Zihua that does not overcook the fish. The meals were excellent and I highly recommend the place (the bill each night was under 600 pesos). The wine service was 3 oz of wine in a tiny glass for about 60 pesos; the entire bottle was 75 pesos at C.M. My wife cannot drink beer; wine is her beverage of choice. One dinner was at La Vieja (sp?), this was excellent, it was like eating on the square in Oaxaca (one of my favorite food places in Mexico). We each had a tortilla soup and shared #19 which was a pork dish in a red sauce, a must have if you go there, 2 glasses of wine and 2 beers, the bill was under 500 pesos. Our last night there we had margs at the Sunset bar at the Catalina, very good and very cheap. A true dos por uno, two drinks for 35 pesos, (thanks Rizardo) and the most spectacular sunset, we will definitely return. Then we walked down the street to Il Mare. This was our first time there. We had a bottle of pinot grigio (nice to have real wine glasses for a change), shared the grilled vegie starter. My wife had the yellow fin tuna and I went for the Dorado. The mains were huge, I would share next time. We shared a lemon ice cream for desert. The view was fabulous. The bill was 940 pesos. If we go back I think we will share a few appys and a bottle of wine, I was not all that impressed by the food.
The next day we were off to La Barra De Potosi for 3 nights at La Casa del Encanto (Hi Laura). This was definitely the highlight of our stay. Laura was the most gracious host and the Casa was a funky spot in the middle of the village. If you are up to an offbeat place this is it. The breakfasts were outstanding Gro. Coffee with the freshest cream you can imagine, fruit, eggs, and great conversation and there was an interesting cross section of guests while we were there. Some old friends my wife had not seen for some time showed up, small world. We had our meals at La Condesa, whole fish cooked over wood was some of the best we have ever had. Typically, a jug of lemonade, two beers, the fish and a bottle of water would be under 200 pesos. Quite the deal.
Now we are back in Vancouver enjoying the rain, till next time…

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