Development Near La Barra

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Escrito por MCD desde ( el día sábado, 23 de diciembre, 2006 a las 03:11:55 horas :

I found out a few things about the rumoured development near La Barra de Potosi and thought I would share them. Also interested in learning more, if anyone knows anything specific.

My understanding is that there are about 20 parcels of land, ranging in size from 10 hectares to much larger, located just south of the sugarloaf mountain on the point just south of La Barra. Some of these parcels have already been sold and others are for sale. Unlike the land in La Barra and along Playa Blanca to the north, which is tied up with squatters rights, this land on the next beach south apparently has clear title - at least between the beach and the dirt road that leads to this area from the next village south of Los Achotes along route 200. Additional land between the road and the lagoon is not yet titled, but could be if existing owners of these parcels request it.

As I understand it, the state government of GRO is working with certain investors, rumored to include the CEO of Telmex, on a plan to develop this area.

There were earlier reports of a "land trust" being formed by a British Columbia developer who has bought a relatively small parcel of around 30 acres. Their intent seems to be to first get others to buy into the land, thereby recouping their purchase price, then build some condos.

But the larger development is rumored to include a golf course, etc. All located on property just south of the sugarloaf mountain; i.e. the next beach south - not Playa Blanca or La Barra de Potosi itself.

My perception is that this beach is not that desirable because it is steep and with typically high surf. But it seems beachfront has a certain appeal and people can make money selling and developing it. Witness the land-rush in recent years at Troncones.

Anyone have more specific information on this project?

Any local knowledge opinions about the quality of this beach area?

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