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Escrito por Karen desde ( el día miércoles, 24 de enero, 2007 a las 11:44:58 horas :

En respuesta a: Último Adiós a Jean Claude escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 23 de enero, 2007 a las 18:38:00 horas :

For a man with such life, it's difficult to think of him not being on Las Gatas.

Years ago I spent many hours at Carlo Scuba falling in love with ... not Jean Claude but Pablo, el quate, one of Jean Claude's dive instructors. Jean Claude made sure I wasn't being light with my feelings and I wasn't...Pablo was a gentleman, a fine man, who I continue to remember with warm thoughts.

We spent many evenings and nights relaxed in the hard wooden lounge chairs in front of Carlos Scuba, enjoying a fresh made limonada and rum, and listening to Jean Claude's unending supply of music. Mmmmm.

Over the months it was so fun to watch Jean Claude's reactions to the many beautiful women who tried to walk past Carlos Scuba ... we could always guess the ones who would get his attentions!

To Thierry - I hope you are enjoying life as much as your father and I hope you, too, are having the "sreeek, sreeek" times that Pablo and I shared with you!!

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