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Trip Report: 1/10-1/20

First off I want to thank this message board and its contributors. By following your suggestions, it made our first trip to Zihua go very smooth. Keep up the good work. Our party consisted of my wife(Debby) and myself(Bob). We departed MSP via Northwest and had a very smooth flight arriving in ZIH 1/2 hr. ahead of schedule. Frontier had landed a short time ahead of us, so there were some long lines going thru customs. Hit the green light, got some pesos at the ATM, got into a taxi and found our way to Villas Los Arcos.

Los Arcos is a newer 4 story villa located at the far end of La Ropa Beach; about 1 block up from El Manglar. Los Arcos is very private and intimate. It is walled for privacy and the grounds are immaculate. Very nice pool, surrounded by luxuriant plant growth(very tropical). Los Arcos has 3 suites occupying the 2nd,3rd,and penthouse; along with a bungalow tucked in a shady portion of the garden. They also have a computer room with dsl for the quests to use. We stayed up in the penthouse. Palapa roof, no walls; it did have a 31/2 ft. knee-wall with plants growing on top of it, so was very private. We had a great 360 degree view and the breeze was always refreshing. Very exotic and romantic.The owners, David and Nancy are very accommodating. They have lived in the area a long time and are there to answer any questions that might arise. Great place.

We are beach people, so our days are spent on the beach, mostly relaxing. We developed a routine where we would hop the bus in the morning, walk around town and shop, take the bus back home around 10:00 and hit the beach. Later in the afternoons we would walk back from the beach, hop on the bus and eat dinner in town, then taxi back home at night.

Our first two days on La Ropa were spent at La Perla's. They probably have the nicest looking restaurant on the beach in the best locat1on. They charge 30 pesos for chairs and umbrella. We didn't mind the 30 pesos, but the slow-no service and unfriendly staff made us move up the beach to Patti's. What a difference, we were greeted with a hand shake and called by our first name the rest of the week. Patti's serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the food and service is very good. Free lounge chairs as well. I think they have the best shrimp cocktail on the beach as well as great club sandwiches and tortilla soup. The beer is ice cold (comes in a bucket of ice) cost is 20 pesos.

On our 7th. day we moved from Los Arcos to Hotel Irma. If you are into views, Hotel Irma is the spot to be. I still can't get over the feeling when you first enter your room and the view of the harbor just opens up in front of you. Hotel Irma is a very nice, clean, moderate hotel that sits on a cliff overlooking the harbor and Madera Beach. The rooms are good size with a balcony overlooking the harbor. The staff is very friendly and has good breakfasts;don't know about lunch or dinner,since we didn't eat them there. The hotel is in a great locat1on, making it easy to walk downtown, over to La Ropa or down to Madera. The only drawback to Irma is they have no fridges. If you are a BYO're you will have to get your own cooler (which can be purchased at Commercial Mex or most of the tiendas around town). They do provide free ice at the bar, however.

Taxis and buses are plentiful. Taxis cost us 30 pesos from our end of La Ropa to El Centro. The bus costs 5 pesos per person and yes the driver will make change. We ended up taking the bus alot, but it does pay to know the routes and schedule. We found out the hard way one night. We went into town for dinner. After dinner we walked around town to do a little shopping and sightseeing. About 9:00 we decided to walk a few blocks over to the bus route and catch a bus home. We waited and waited for about a half-hour and ended up hailing a taxi to take us home. Found out the next day,talking with some other people, the LaRopa bus quits running at 7:00.

We ate all our meals out. We usually had 2 meals a day. Sometimes we would do breakfast, sometimes lunch, but never both. We always had dinner, however. I can honestly say in all our time in Zihua, not once did we have any stomach problems. And yes, we did eat the salads, only in the restaurants, however. The only stomach problems we had was after stopping at McDonalds on our way home from the airport after we returned from our vacation. We are casual people and not fussy eaters, so we stuck with the more moderate restaurants. We did not have 1 bad meal in Zihua on our trip. Found the food good, service good, and very moderatly priced. Here's where we ate:
Casa Marina, Casa Arcadia, Daniels, Garrobos, Pollo Loco,Tamales y Any's,Patti's, La Perla, Rossy's, M.J.& Richie's,Hotel Irma, Rufo's Grill, and our fave La Casa Vieja (had a wonderful dinner of grilled tuna steak and huge shrimp smothered in a cheese/pepper sauce, excellent wine as well)


Mercado: A sight to see. I was so taken aback, I forgot to snap a few pictures. We went down one morning and bought a bunch of those little bananas, a couple of oranges and a couple of avocados. I think we spent 17 pesos for the whole bunch. I think all the fruits and veggies are priced the same; 7 pesos/kilo.

Morning fish market: Go early, sit down at Cafe Marina for breakfast or coffee and watch the locals come and buy their fish for the day. Quite a site to see.

Basketball court of Sun. nites: I think everyone from town shows up. Lots of food carts set up (notably, corn on the cob, I can't believe all the stuff the locals put on that ear). Cute children's program early in the evening followed by great Mexican music later.

Rosimars Pottery Shop: #42 Cuauhtemoc, If you are into Talavera pottery, she as many unique items that we haven't seen anywhere else. Prices are very reasonable. We filled one of our carry ons with smaller pieces. Next year we are coming back for the lamp bases.


We found both La Ropa and Madera very clean and inviting. The water was clean and warm and the sand was firm enough to make walking easy. Both beaches were never overcrowded and the vendors were friendly. We preferred La Ropa over Madera, seemed to have more of a tropical feel to it with all the palms growing along the edge.


Zihuatanejo truly is a charming town. It is very picturesque with the mountains cascading down to the semi-enclosed harbor. Zihua is filled with many unique shops and restaurants lining the cobblestone streets. It is small enough so getting anywhere is easy, yet big enough to make things interesting. It is still old world Mexico but with modern conveniences. And best of all it has the best weather of any place we have been to. So if you are planning on going to Zihuatanejo, do so soon, before it becomes anymore Americanized. And if you do go, pack me in one of you suitcases. We shall return.

gracias y adios
Bob y Deb

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