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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día viernes, 09 de febrero, 2007 a las 17:10:22 horas :

En respuesta a: Att: LAURA escrito por Suzie from Montana desde (?) el día viernes, 09 de febrero, 2007 a las 14:52:32 horas :

Hi Suzie,

I'm happy to answer your questions here. There's always the chance that someone else can benefit and/or join in with more information.

Sounds like you had two more questions: 1. What kind of seafood do the enramada restaurants in Barra de Potosi serve? and 2. Where can you go for breakfast in La Barra de Potosi? Good questions!

1. The enramada restaurants (the word enramada refers to -the palms - ramos - lain one on top of another to form a shady pergola overhead)your feet are in the sand, hammocks are hung along side the tables so you can feast, rest, swim, snack, read, sleep etc all day long. You stake out your spot and enjoy in languid tranquility.

What do they serve? You can get lots of white fish depending on the catch of the day, huachinango (red snapper) octopus, shrimp (the good jumbo crystals), oysters, lobster (if the divers brought some in), abalone... Let's see, what did I forget... the specialty along this coast and made in a superior way here is the 'Pescado a la Talla' a good white fish butterflied, skin separated from the fish but left lying in it then two grills one either side and it's grilled ovewr hot coals, then treated with the special sauce and served with homemade tortillas, a fabulous salsa and black beans. Really good!!! The seafood soup is excellent, oh... I almost forgot the tiritas de pescado and ceviche! fish marinated in lime juice and mixed with diced onion, chiles and in the case of ceviche with tomatoes (and unfortunately in the modern taste) added katsup to make it a bit sweet... ask them to skip that part and they will.
All of those mariscos can be prepared in a number of ways... al ajillo (a wonderful smokey chile)and a la diabla (you just have to taste that sauce... ummmm!) their breading is light and very tasty, I only tell them to go easy on the filet so as not to overcook. These restaurants on the beach, close at dusk. Then the evening restaurants inside the village open from about 7 to 11.

It's also possible to arrange for special candlelight dinners with us at Casa del Encanto if you have a group of 10 or more. You can also eat - by reservation way ahead of time - at Las Palmas Hotel (I believe they are currently booked up through July for dinner.)

OK the second question... where to go for breakfast? La Condesa serves a very good Huevos Rancheros. You have to wait until after 10 am.

Guess what? You are welcome to come to Casa del Encanto for breakfast for $60 pesos pr person. (Shameless plug but she asked...;)We are open to the public for breakfast since 8 am and serve organic shade grown coffee made strong in a french press, fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh fruit smoothies, granolas, yogurt fruit, pastries (really good ones) etc.

Soon... (I know I'm always saying that) Juani Bello Martinez will open her place for breakfast as well... well at least coffee and flan and other pastries. On the terrace in front of her artesania shop across the street from the kinder on the middle street one block in from the beach road.

Hope this helps! Enjoy all this feasting.

Hasta pronto,

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