Trip report, the ugly- part 3

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Escrito por Waldo desde ( el día miércoles, 14 de febrero, 2007 a las 01:56:26 horas :

We were planning on spending some time on sunday on la ropa and monday either at las gatas or ixtapa island but first we went for a swim in the ocean ( i know the regulars know where this is going ) Took the advise of other posters and swam out past the break for safety reasons and were having a great time, gently rolling waves......Slam, a rogue wave broke early and slammed my wife and i into the bottom of the ocean HARD. I consider myself to be in fairly good shape fore my 48 years but the power of the ocean is great. I got away with what i'll call minor injuries ( shoulder pain ,back pain ) but my poor wife was SLAMMED face first into the ocean floor and that was the end of our holiday. Anyone on our flight home today i'm sure noticed the black eye, face, bruised shoulder on my wife and i know her injuries could could have been much worse. I would tell anyone who cares to listen this is a beutiful place but take care because what happened to us can happen to you. And all we want is for everyone to come home safe as we did ( although a little batterd and bruised )

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