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Escrito por julie desde ( el día domingo, 18 de febrero, 2007 a las 15:38:51 horas :

Well we had to come home, didn't want to. We had a totally amazing time in Zihua The weather was perfect. Found the town very clean compared to other areas we have stayed in Mexico. They even have a city crew that goes around every morning sweeping the side walks and raking the beaches. Nice to see them taking pride in their town.
We stayed at Bungalows La Madera. The accomodations were perfect for us. Great locat1on. Mark the owner was great to deal with. It had everything we needed and more. I miss waking up every morning to the sound of ocean and looking out my window to see the sun coming up over the bay.
We tried to do alot in one week but it wasn't long enough. We spent almost everyday on a different beach. Las Gatos, La Ropa, La Madera are all great beaches. Swimming and playing the warm ocean. The water was beautiful and quite clear. Spent a day in Barra de Potosi, took the bus and cattle truck. We just hung at the beach there, never went into the lagoon. Again another beautiful beach and it is so huge. Spent another day at Island Ixtapa, nice swimming there and snorkling was amazing. Enjoyed walking around the island. Did not care for the beach bars on the snorkling beach but enjoyed one on the side where the boat drops you off and loved the swimming there.
Experienced the Sunday night at the basketball court, that was quite enjoyable and a great experience. I couldn't believe all the people that come down on Sunday nights.
We went to the Meracado one morning also very interesting and the fish market on the beach.
We walked around the downtown quite a bit day and night, found it a bit confusing at first but after a day or two figured it out. We never feel unsafe once while we were in Z.
Now for the food. We never once had a bad meal. We ate out every meal, even though we had a kitchen. We ate at Banditos, Daniels, Don Memos, Bananas, Pollo Feliz, Tamales Any, Pizza Locos, Arcadia, Hotel Irma, Otilia (Las Gatas), El Manglar (La Ropa), Casa Cafe, MJ Ritches, Rossy's.
Our favorite being Bandidos and our dinner at Don Memos, where Don gave us free drinks as our had gotten warm while we ate and just treated us very well. And another not to miss is El Manglar, quite an experience to have a crocodile swim by you as you enjoy a beer! And the owner Memo is very enjoyable.
Our worst experience would have to be MJ Ritches, the food was good but the service was horrible. They only have one girl to serve everyone and she must have come back and asked us 4 times what we had ordered and it took forever to get our food. We were not in any hurry as we were hanging at the beach. Then she could not find our bill and had no idea what we had ordered. I felt bad for her, they needed more then one server.
We couldn't find much night life. It didn't seem like anywhere was busy. We did one night at the Blue Mamou. Good music but over priced drinks, and there was only about 10 people there. Went to Ricks's bar a couple of nights, and enjoyed music at Daniels. Other then that we would walk around and most places seemed empty at night or only a handful of people.
I want to thank everyone who posts on this message board. It was a great help to us and we probably wouldn't have ate at half of places we did.
As for Zihua, we will be back. Like everyone else we fell in love and can't wait to experince more of it.

I forgot to add that we ran into Sr.Gunysack. We bought some but haven't tried it yet!!!

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