Trip Report - Z and Ixtapa, Dorado Pacifico and the Irma (PART ONE)

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Escrito por Maggie and Don desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de febrero, 2007 a las 12:55:16 horas :

We traveled to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo for two weeks, Feb 12 to 26th, 2007. The first week we stayed at the Dorado Pacifico in Ixtapa and there were three other couples with us; the second we were on our own and moved to the Irma in Zihua.

We had a great trip. The weather was perfect, about 30-35 Celsius every single day, hardly saw a cloud the entire time. Very little wind either, just a nice breeze off the ocean.

We would be hard pressed to pick a favourite out of the two places, both have their advantages. Ixtapa was quieter and less crowded, and we loved the big wide beach and the Dorado's easy access to all the great restaurants and shopping across the street, it's quick and easy to get to Isla Ixtapa, and fewer people selling stuff bothering you at the restaurants. As far as people who scoff and say it's like 'being in Miami beach', well, that's silly; it is obviously Mexico, and as 'real' as Zihua in any of the areas where tourists stay anyway, and a big plus-no cruise ship people!

The Dorado Pacifico- great hotel. Super clean, perfect locat1on, great staff. The only complaints was that stupid new condo building ruined the view on the north, which of course where we got stuck, (although you still have a ocean view, it's much lessened and the construction was a PITA), the teeny balconies, and the ridiculous towel game- if you wanted to make sure you had a place to sit, you had to be up and saving your chairs by 6 AM or so. Luckily we had a couple early risers in our group. They try to discourage it but no use.
We were a little shocked about how many elderly people there were there too! Popular place with the older travelers obviously. Not a problem for us, they are quieter at least than a younger crowd. (The crowd was only marginally younger at the Irma.)

What we liked about staying in Zihuatanejo was the calmer beaches, great views from the Irma, and being on Playa Madera afforded us easy access to La Ropa, lots of great restaurants, water taxi to Las Gatas, and Calle Palmas to catch buses out of town.

The Irma was very nice, basic but clean and quiet. GREAT view of the bay and sunsets. Too bad there is no fridges in the rooms, but you can ask for an ice and bucket from the bartender. We stayed on the third floor with a 'hot tub' right in front of us- we saw they scrubbing the salt out every couple days (the pools are salt water pools there) but no one was ever in it, possibly because it was so loud.

Very convenient locat1on. If we go to Z again we would stay on Madera again, but maybe at the Brisas del Mar, we walked through there one day, nice hotel, and right on the beach and they have a beach area with loungers and palapas, bonus. Too bad the stupid cruise ships are in town so often, they ruin the bay view. Three days in a ROW they were in Zihua last week, it sucked.


Don went on three different fishing trips, the first week they caught one sailfish, one 225 pound blue marlin, and two Dorado. The second week he caught a 300 pound marlin, here is a link to some pics:

He was pretty pumped. It had died and they had to hand line it up. Noe from the Porpy was our captain, he is a great guy, we fished with him 3 years ago too. The sailfish he wanted to release but nicked the gill so had to keep it.

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