PART TWO- Restaurants and Food!

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Escrito por Maggie and Don desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de febrero, 2007 a las 12:57:27 horas :

En respuesta a: Trip Report - Z and Ixtapa, Dorado Pacifico and the Irma (PART ONE) escrito por Maggie and Don desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de febrero, 2007 a las 12:55:16 horas :


We had great meals everywhere, except one night we went to Porto di Mare on Fisherman's walk and the pasta was served to us stone cold. It was still tasty though!

In Ixtapa we had some wonderful meals - at Emilios, Chimichangas (have the cuban stew called 'Roja Vieja' (spelling?), great burgers one night at Rubens, some Italian place near Emilios that had a singer ('Kenny Kenny' was his name- I was quoting Seinfeld all night "KENNNNYYY"- he will do private guided tours for people too!), tacos al pastor at the tacqueria right across from the Dorado was AWESOME, and cheap for lunch, Chili Beans and Mama Norma y Deborahs were wonderful, the two places on that main street next to Chili Beans were great too, Tamales Any was awesome (try the Sangria and pozole there). We also walked to the marina a couple mornings for breakfast there.

Friends ate at Franks a couple times and had not-great meals there.

Sat at Otilia's at the far end of Las Gatas, Franco was a great guy, and their facilities are clean and very good.

Can't recall the names of the places in Isla Ixtapa but they all seemed to be about the same. A tip- bring shopping money when you go there!
We saw the best jewelry vendors there and a guy named Domingus who made these beautiful carved wooden painted bowls, gorgeous (more subdued and darker colours than normal)- my GF bought two big ones for 750 pesos- she had no money and so he gave them to her and came to our hotel that night to collect the money- now that is trust!

Z- wonderful meals all week here except at the aforementioned Porto di Mare, which might have just been bad luck. AND we had an unfortunate negative experience at Daniels, which we had loved last trip- we took some dorado there for them to cook, 50 pesos per person, and they did a great job.
But they charged everyone 100 pesos for cocktails AND then a mysterious extra 200 pesos (NOT propina) was miscalculated into the bill. We challenged the latter and it was "oops, sorry our mistake, senor" of course- but didn't bother challenging the drink overcharge and simply didn't go back.
Also great was the Chinese food at Mi Chayito (spellng?) Very good ginger beef and curry skewers, nice change!
GREAT Hawaiian pizza at Pizza Navona just off Fisherman's Walk behind Porto di Mare kind of.
Had many breakfasts at the Casa Cafe on Calle Adelita near the Irma, also good breakfasts at Brisas del Mar on Madera, and Salvadors on Adelita. Also Don Memos- and CHEAP!!
Great lunches at MJ Richies and right at the Irma, and at Rossy's on La Ropa (saw croc tracks coming out of the lagoon, where they dragged themselves into the ocean at night!!).

Our favourite all around restaurant would have to be la Casa Vieja just off Adelita near the Irma, awesome food and prices and atmosphere. The ribs are great as is the cochinita pibil and the tuna steaks and shrimp skewers.
Went to Kau Kan our last night and found it was great service and view, but somewhat overpriced.
Hopped across the street after to the new bar 'Zihua Blue' and found a little slice of South Beach/Sex and the City heaven in their lounge. Eighties videos and music play while you kick back on the lounging beds and couches. We had a couple happy hour drinks and had a great time (it's not cheap but worth it, memorable!).

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