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Escrito por Big Daddy Wags desde (adsl-75-34-13-103.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net) el día lunes, 05 de marzo, 2007 a las 16:20:40 horas :

I have been coming to Zihua for the past 10 years. Have fished all but one of those years. This year went on Robs' site and contacted Ed Kunze regarding fishing in one of his boats. Had the fortune to get the Agua Azul, captained by Ruben, with Amadeus as his mate. These 2 gentlemen did everything possible to catch fish, from changing the trolling speeds to changing the bait often to talking with other captains in the fleet. They also changed trolling tactics, often zig-zagging to attract fish. Although we came up short handed with only a few small fish that we caught for bait mainly (and some tiritas), we did manage to land a small shark. We spotted a rather large sailfish sunning itself on the surface after the captain told us to be on the al3rt when we ran into a school of porpoises. When he spun the boat around is when the shark hit, and the sail got away. I guess that's why they call it fishing instead of catching. I just wanted to add that if the captains in the Ed Kunze group are as good as these gentlemen, it would be silly to even hire anyone else. I, for one, found that Ed was easily accessiible and answered all of my questions, and that the crew was not only hard working, they stayed out on the ocean for 8.5 hours! (7am til 3:30pm). I was impressed by Ed's professionalism and even his offer to take us out the following Monday with him. I truly wished we would have taken him up on that, but we had plans with other friends. I would highly recoommend him to anyone that is going down with the idea of doing any type of fishing. He can be found on Robs' front page under sea and sand experience. Bob Wagman

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