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Escrito por Scott desde ( el día viernes, 09 de marzo, 2007 a las 21:22:32 horas :

Just a little reminder to everyone that Internet cafes are NOT SECURE for anything that requires you to enter a password. I say with certainty that there are several Internet cafes in Zihuatanejo and elsewhere that are running keystroke recorders and/or other utilities that are spying on you as you go about your business. This isn't typical spyware, but real malicious code installed on these computers by other users that record what you are doing and typing. I say with certainty that there are people stealing passwords from the keystrokes typed in any program on these computers.

I recently used the internet cafe beside Casa Miriam, and logged into an FTP site from the Windows command line ftp utility. I see that the next day there was unauthorized access to the FTP site, and the malicious user who stole the password I typed in uploaded files to the FTP site. Unfortunately for him, I know not to log into anything important from an Internet cafe and he couldn't even access the PHP files he uploaded via the web because I logged in to another domain at the command line that isn't configured for web access, so he didn't know, apparently, what the proper domain was.

But, the fact that there was unauthorized access the very next day goes to show that these computers are not safe. You must have your password immediately changed after logging in. This isn't a vague warning, but a statement of fact that this is happening regularly in Internet cafes in Zihuatanejo. I know this wasn't a rare occurrence because it isn't the first time I have experienced this sort of thing in Zihuatanejo and elsewhere. I'm also pretty convinced that the that attack is made by recording keystrokes.

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