Week one trip report

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Escrito por Mike in MN desde (dsl-189-147-30-116.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día miércoles, 21 de marzo, 2007 a las 13:21:50 horas :

Well, we have enjoyed one week, and we are now working our way into number 2. Our friends from Oregon arrive this afternoon, so that will change the landscape a bit.

Trip down from MSP was uneventful. Dull is good. The most excitement on day one was the cab driver (Suburban) hauling the group from the airport couldn't find the Hotel Irma. Kids.

The weather... Blue sky, sunny, comfortably hot. There's a reason for palapa huts, cold cervesa, pools, and happy hour. So far, no one would need a pair of long pants for anything. Shorts and T-shirts. Happiness.

The Hotel Irma is just fine. Our first room was located at Grand Central Station. There was plenty of early risers and guests talking outside our room at all hours. We managed to get moved to our favorite locat1on on the second floor just over the pool. A nice little deck, quiet AC, friendly staff, clean, hot water, towel art.... paradise. There is some construction next door that creates a small amount of noise and dust.... certainly manageable. It actually provides good entertainment for some of us blue collar types.

Food and restaraunts.... Great! Salvadors for breakfast, fresh squeezed OJ from Isabella(??) Daniels twice, Casa Vieja, Elviras, Il Manglar, Casa Arcadia, Don Memos, Chendos. So far, my favorite meal was yesterday at Il Manglar. Tiritas & Garlic Capechenas (SP??) done to perfection.

It's amazing how many wonderful people we meet.

Will we make it to Los Gatos, Barra de Potsi, Ixtapa? From my standpoint.... probably not. Having too much quality time doing nothing.

Time to go. Mary is waiting for me, well, more so Salvadors for breakfast.

Mike in MN

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