Oh yeah! I liked that!

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Escrito por Laura desde (b12webproxy03.direcpc.com) el día jueves, 22 de marzo, 2007 a las 00:48:48 horas :

En respuesta a: Laura, did you get a chuckle.... escrito por bay b desde (70-100-43-151.br1.sho.az.frontiernet.net) el día miércoles, 21 de marzo, 2007 a las 22:50:06 horas :

I even forget that sometimes... as we do have trouble in paradise all the time actually...almost just like real life.

Except that when I need something from the store, I go out in the street under an incredible starry sky and ask the first kids I see playing there, "Who would like to do me a favor?" They all yell, "Me! Me! Me!" So I choose the lucky one who rides his or her bike gleefully up the street to pick up some milk probably (put it on my tab) and maybe pick us up an order of enchiladas from Rosy's (tab). Meanwhile, I stick with the other kids and play '8' laughing together until the bike rider gets back with the goods. Then I go into my Tarzan house and enjoy a good book with my absolutely delicious enchiladas and maybe later Ernesto or Cheo (both 8) pop in and watch a movie with me for a while (Jet Li) only Cheo cantinflases the entire time (he does it even better then Cantinflas himself) making it impossible to listen to the movie of course, till they jump up and go on to the next adventure before their Moms call (finally I can focus on Jet Li). Maybe later someone passes under my window singing a special lullaby ("Duerme, duerme, Negrita...") or is it a fisherman on his way to the lagoon... while you hear the surf in the background. Yeah, that feels pretty carefree.

Oh...but I still have to pay taxes... and eventually those tabs! (Well some of them...)

It's a delight to live as we do here and also to enjoy the magical warmth of this virtual community.

Hasta pronto,

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