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Escrito por Unwinding (formerly Ready to Unwind desde (dsl-189-147-17-235.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día sábado, 24 de marzo, 2007 a las 21:06:13 horas :

Finally here... and loving it!! Spent night #1 at the Catalina. Met Celso - very nice guy (Hola! Celso). He tried to talk us into staying at Catalina longer, but we had already paid for Amuleto (non-refundable) so had no choice but to move on. Sitting here now at Amuleto with an absolutely incredible view writing this... life doesn't get much better!!

So about Catalina. As others have said, the room itself is nothing to write home about. Sparse and with beds that are not all that comfortable. But what Catalina lacks in the room itself, it surely makes up for in service and locat1on. Beautiful view from our room (we were in Bungalow #30). Beach is awesome and everything is so convenient. We highly recommend the Sunset Bar for, well sunset of course. 2 for 1 drinks and good company. Overall, the Catalina is a great value. If you are looking for a fantastic place to stay that isn't going to "break the bank" we can't imagine that you could do much better than the Catalina.

While Robin was 'sleeping in' this morning I walked from the Catalina down to the pier - along the road on the way there and along the walkway on the beach going back. Very nice, and not as "trashy" as Rob's post a while ago made it sound (acknowledging that Rob has a level of perspective that I don't). I was really surprised (although I shouldn't have been based on what I've heard on this board) by the friendliness of all the people here. Much different - more laid back and "genuine" that PV.

Ate at Il Mare last night. Great views of the lights of Zihua. Romantica! Food was just above average - but service was outstanding and we are not at all disappointed about the choice for our first meal in Zihua.

Funny that we found ourselves in a bit of a quandary about our first dinner here. Robin was really "jones-ing" for some authentic Mexican cuisine, but we couldn't find a place that served authentic Mexican that also had a beautiful view. Does any one have a recommendation for such a place for future reference?

We satisfied our craving for authentic Mexican food at breakfast - Elvira's. Great spot.

After breakfast Robin got a 1 hour massage for only 300 pesos (+ propina) at a place called Isabella's right near the Catalina. She is still talking about it. 300 pesos... on la playa... in paradise... is there a better value anywhere?

Amuleto. Sigh!! I was apprehensive about coming here because the cost seemed pretty high. We have been to some world class places (see CuisinArt Anguilla) so we do have something to benchmark against. All I can say is that if you don't mind spending the $$, Amuleto will blow you away. Rooms are soooo private and beautiful. No amenity is forgotten. And the view has to be experienced to be appreciated. Come here for drinks and dinner just for the view - you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Gotta run and jump in the "garden shower". More to come.

Unwinding (John & Robin from VA)

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