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Escrito por ed &bev, mn. desde ( el día domingo, 25 de marzo, 2007 a las 12:05:46 horas :

made our 12th trip to i/z,first started reading this board this year, great info site!!! thnx for the info on chendo ate there 3 nites can't beat the food or prices. between freind from canada and us we fished 3 times with chico on the panga Llamarada great captain i have fished with him 10 yrs. first day ca friend wife& son caught & released huge sailfish also 330# marlin to be mounted. 2nd day wife &i had good day fishing but catching wasn't good there are good days fishing and great days of fishing! 3rd day out friend from ca. and i had a GREAT day of fishing we made a 12 hr day going out 40 miles found the tuna landing 6 up to 70# what a fight they put up. on the way back to z we caught & released 2 blue marlin doesn't get much better than that!! had fresh tuna 2 nites for dinner excellent, chico took remaining tuna to a small market in z where the poor people are able to buy it without paying the big market have to wait 11 mos for our return!! ed and bev from minn.

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