Trip Report - Day 2

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Escrito por Unwinding (formerly Ready to Unwind) desde ( el día lunes, 26 de marzo, 2007 a las 02:53:09 horas :

Our second day in Zihua was equally as good as our first, albeit much different. Dinner Saturday night at Amuleto was excellent. We must admit, however, that the punch the Amuleto margaritas packed left us in a state where we would have had a good time just about anywhere ;-) To a person, everyone we have met at Amuleto, whether they be hotel guests, dinner guests, or staff, have been as nice and friendly as anyone could possibly expect.

Breakfast at Amuleto was exceptional - so much outstanding food that we were not hungry again until dinner. After breakfast we just hung around Amuleto all day and relaxed (much needed and much deserved for both of us).

Based on the recommendations of "the board" we headed down to the basketball court tonight and were not disappointed. What a fantastic celebration and warm, friendly people... hard to believe this happens every week!

We did indulge in the famous hamburguesas (the chef at Amuleto also highly recommended them). The benchmark we measure all hamburgers against are those made by Ma Ruby in Harbour Island in the Bahamas (the place that inspired Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paradise") - and Ma Ruby sets the bar pretty high. The burgers tonight were very much different that Ma Ruby's (which are sort of a delicious cross between a burger and meatloaf) but we must say that we enjoyed them just as much. The blend of ham, avocado, chiles, and two cheeses was inspiring. The price could double and we'd still think we got a bargain (but don't tell anyone that).

While we were in town we stopped by Coconuts with the idea of getting dessert. However, when we heard they had chilled avocado soup as a special we had to try it. In a word - awesome! Although we can't recommend the food beyond the soup we had, the restaurant is charming and romantic with little white lights everywhere and a creative use of designer umbrellas as lamp shades. Great ambiance - and if the kitchen does as well with the rest of the menu as they do with the avocado soup you are in for a real treat!

Forgot to mention in our trip report from Day 1 that we stopped by El Manglar for a cold cerveza just before sunset on Friday. We were greeted by a handsome young man named Gustavo. Gustavo proceeded to give us a "tour" of the wildlife in and around El Manglar. This is the kind of "added value" service that we believe makes a place special.

Very much looking forward to day 3. We encourage anyone reading this to come up to Amuleto for lunch or dinner. You won't be disappointed. The view alone is worth it, but the food is excellent as well. Ask for John and Robin if you do - we'd be happy to tip a glass with you!

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