Las Brisas Spring Break

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Escrito por brenda boyd desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de marzo, 2007 a las 16:32:49 horas :

two teachers from Kansas (64 & 55)had the times of their lives March 17th-24th. 2nd time to area. LOVE Las Brisas because it is so dramatic, peaceful and served by fantastic people.
Ixtapa is Nice...LOTS of music and people who WANT you to come into their restaurants...had fun here. My advice: share an appetizer/drink...move on...share an appetizer/drink move one....that way you get to go into a whole bunch of those inviting places to eat. All kinds of music being played in these places.
Zihuantanejo is Fantastic...less expensive...more DownToEarth. You feel more like you are venturing out here. Do NOT pass up Sunday nights when local familes are all over the place. Tons of see very few of them out of control ( like back home???)
advice: grab the hamburger from the grill guy by the town square ( basketball court) then head to Zorro's for $1 beer or opt for Banditos ( yes, it is a popular gathering place) because their Food is reallly good ( try the shrimp fajitas...Amazing).
Hey, if you were in Ix/Zih the week of Mar 17-24 and saw an American Gringo with white hair doing magic tricks with red lights...well....that was me. Hope I put a lot of smiles on people's faces

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