Trip Report - Day 4 (day 5 coming)

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Escrito por Don Juan desde ( el día jueves, 29 de marzo, 2007 a las 01:30:52 horas :

Things were moving a bit slowly the morning after the board party, but we braved it and headed down to El Centro. Wandered through the area geared more towards turistas and found it to be nice, but way too crowded on account of the floating mega hotel sitting in the Bahía. So we moved a few streets back away from the water and found a quieter commercial area geared more towards locals. A little more of a real Mexico feel in that area and some pretty good stores and galleries too. Got by with my terrible command of Spanish, but just barely.

Headed over to Casa Vieja for lunch since it was highly recommended, but got there too soon (apparently they don't open till 2pm). Sounds like we missed you by less than an hour Stew! Since they were closed we went to M.J. & Ritchie's instead. Nice place to have a cold drink and some lunch right on Playa Madera - we'll have to get to Casa Vieja next time. From there we checked out a few hotels along the beach that we had heard were nice. Was particularly impressed with Brisas del Mar on Playa Madera. From there went over to Villa del Sol and spent the remainder of the afternoon on their beach for the cost of some drinks and late afternoon appetizers.

Back to Amuleto from there to clean up some and watch the sunset from the best sun-watching spot in Zihua, which at this time of year because of the positioning of the sun, just happens to be at Amuleto. Awesome sunset on Tuesday night.

We finished the day off with a late dinner at Casa Bahía which we highly recommended for food, price, service, a nice view, and a more laid back away from the crowds type feel. On the way back from the restaurant to town we somehow attracted a 12-pawed entourage of local perros. They escorted us from just a few houses away from Casa Bahía all the way into downtown (near Rick's bar). They were quite playful and even stole un zapato from a little boy playing near the pier. The most interesting thing however, was the fact that despite not even knowing us they took to us instantly without a bark, but they barked at anyone else they didn't know until we crossed the bridge. Strange.

Rick's Bar - managed to get there towards the end of Josie's last set alone (before a couple of the slightly less talented, considerably more intoxicated patrons decided to "join the band" for the last set of the night). Josie was excellent and funny, but we wish we could have seen her a full set before the others jumped in. We did have an interesting conversation with Linda Fox, a former Texan who's been here over 30 years. Linda wrote a nice, informative book on the area. It includes some local "spice" that you won't find in a standard tourist guide book. She'll be happy to sell you one at Rick's - it's only about 100 pesos so your purchase helps Linda pay her bar tab ;-)

Overall, another excellent and diverse day in Zihua.

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