Trip Report Day 2

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Escrito por Sharon MN desde ( el día domingo, 01 de abril, 2007 a las 11:06:00 horas :

Day 2
We had a wonderful breakfast overlooking La Ropa at Hotel Sotavento then took a bus into Zihua to shop at the market and downtown stores. Where ever we travel we always visit farmer's markets because we love to see the colorful and unusual produce, food, goods and vendors along with the general energy surrounding a market. The first thing we bought was agua de jamiaca(hibiscus water), my favorite, then guavas and tiny little mangos to get our fruit fix with fruits that are not available in MN. Then we went to a hat stand and bought fancy straw hats to wear during our stay to keep the very warm sun from burning us very pale skin northerners.
We continued downtown and bought vanilla, agave nectar, candy, bakery, silver earrings, t-shirt, coffee, and more agua de jamiaca and flan. We took a cab back to Sotavento because by then we had too much stuff to try to take the bus.
We skipped lunch since our day in town involved lots of snacking and then we went to the beach to swim and read. One interesting daily sighting at the beach was the Marina Men-that is what their shirt said. 8-12 men running the entire La Ropa and back possibly the other beaches too since they came from Madera in their black outfits in formation singing to a cadence. They must be in very good shape since they were dressed in black, never slowed down, did not carry water and continued running for a long time. I asked someone who they were and was told they were firemen and then the next day I noticed their shirts said Marina so I asked someone else and was told they were the local military. It was impressive that they could run that well in the heat and they were fun to watch.
We went to happy hour and to see the sunset at Hotel Catalina and had fantastic guacamole and drinks with a perfect setting to view the sunset then went to dinner at De Donde Eres on Calle Adelita. The food and casual welcoming friendliness is special there, we loved it.
I had a jerk grilled pork chop and Anne had chicken stir fry both were delicious!

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