Poor Mans Heaven

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Escrito por El Tacaņo desde (dsl-189-168-131-109.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día domingo, 01 de abril, 2007 a las 20:07:34 horas :

After leaving "Roberto's" lovely Galleria where I spent a peaceful night after Attending "Magnificent Sara's" 11th birthday party (What A Doll) I departed by cab for Autobus Central. Just before boarding my bus I realized I had Roberto's keys in my pocket (ES MUY TONTO!) so hired a cab to return them. Hope you got them Amigo. After a pleasant journey of just over 4 hours (we were stopped twice for inspection) I arrived at the station here in Morelia. Went to the Taxi counter were for a HUGE SUM of 35 peso I got a ticket for a private Taxi to take me the 30 minute trip to my lodging a distance at least half again further than Zihua Airport to Ixtapa. OH! He also thanked me.
My apartment is spectacular. Huge kitchen with all high end appliances of every possible type. A huge larger than king sized bed in a lovely large bedroom w/a large cable TV. Bathroom with a gleaming tub & the largest pedestal sink I have ever seen. A center courtyard open to the sky & a small second bedroom. Of course free wireless. The previous Tennant left enough food to last me most of the week. All of this for $21.43 a day at todays exchange rate. I will share it's contact person only with the Frugal so no Big Shots need ask. Smile

After a trip to the Fruita Market where I spent the total of 14 pesos for oranges, limes, Tomatoes & bananas I stopped at a neighborhood Cafe having possibly the best trout dinner of my life. Steamed Trucha smothered in Shrimp, mushrooms, potato's, carrots, onions, sweet peppers, a bit of cheese & only god knows what else. Side dishes of rice, pan & a Cucumber/Avocado salad. Oh! A free unasked for dish of delicious Cerviece (SP?) for the grand total of 90 pesos.
More later.

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