Trip Report Day 3-5

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Escrito por Sharon MN desde ( el día lunes, 02 de abril, 2007 a las 23:30:02 horas :

We continued our routine of swimming and reading on La Ropa. We enjoyed talking and buying from the vendors and the general ambiance of the beach.
We ate at Salvador's for lunch, happy hour at Hotel Irma and La Gula for dinner on Saturday both meals were very good especially the creole empanadas at La Gula.
Day 4 we went to El Pueblito for lamb barbecue, it was awesome! I highly recommend going to El Pueblito on Sundays for their barbecue. The lamb was cooked in foil and it was the most tender I have ever eaten. They served the lamb with homemade tortillas, avocado, onions and salsa. It was a fantastic meal. In the evening we went to the basketball court and had a few snacks and watched a dancing program. In two of the dance line performances there was a little girl in each one who was so cute to watch as she tried to dance with the older girls. Last year when we went it was a karate exhibition so this time the dances were much more entertaining and interesting for us. The village atmosphere was abundant and charming, and we loved it.
Day 5 Monday was our last full day in Zihua so we continued shopping at the market and downtown then had lunch at La Casa Vieja. I had the pork chops last year and tried to replicate the sauce at home without success, so I dreamed of going back and having them again. Their pork chops and bbq sauce are wonderful and the patio atmosphere is delightful. They lived up to my memory.
We went back to the Sotavento beach for swimming and then went to ZihuaBlue for dinner. The ambiance at Zihuablue was magical. We were there after sunset so we could not see the ocean but all the lights of Z were shining right before our eyes. There were two separate areas to dine and a dance floor complete with blue lit up beds to relax on. We had a cheese and fruit platter and seafood crepes. Both were excellent. The best attraction was our host and waiter the "Sheriff". He was charming, friendly and truly made our evening special with his conversation, magic tricks, origami and good natured entertainment and fun. Everyone should try Zihuablue, it is a winner!

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