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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día martes, 03 de abril, 2007 a las 11:38:43 horas :

En respuesta a: La Barra de Potosi Development escrito por THE FOX desde ( el día martes, 03 de abril, 2007 a las 10:41:15 horas :

"Our success as a company is attributed to our expertise in land banking strategic land parcels that are directly in the path of development."

The above quote is from their very slick website. I have described in some detail, the planned development the Mexican government has laid out for the coast of Guerrero and particularly for on top of Barra de Potosi (this involves both sides of the lagoon and a marina in our beautiful beach)in previous posts below (pretty far below now but you can find them in the archives).

This Bridgwater land investment project is the beginning of the public appearance of the private firms involved in this development which will include 6,500 rooms, turning our gorgeous beach into a marina housing 150 30 ft. yachts and 4 cruise ships, obviously ruining the estuary and displacing the village of Barra de Potosi. This particular firm is from Calgary in Canada. I know of several others now involved (land already purchased on both sides of the lagoon).

We can ask that you not participate in this sad ruination of a unique beautiful local culture and an important estuary system. We can hope that there might be some possibility of turning it away, but it's hard to be naive against the terrible evidence of this powerful wave of this profit motivated force. I'll ask anyway though. Please don't participate or even more... please offer your support for the local community in the effort to protect this rare and beautiful place and way of life. A small help perhaps would be that you don't buy into it.

A Month or so ago there passed an important Federal law in Mexico prohibiting the cutting of mangroves. Some say that law can be used to stop projects like this as it certainly cannot happen if the law is enforced. We'll see.

Hasta pronto,

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