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Escrito por L IN DENVER desde (?) el día jueves, 19 de abril, 2007 a las 18:04:06 horas :

Just returned yesterday from another 5 day fantastic trip to Zihua. We stayed at Hotel Cinco Sentidos and let me start by saying that I loved this hotel. We reserved the Grand Suite (#5) and our friends were staying in one of the regular rooms (#2) but both were stunning. The web site truly does not do justice to the actual layout of the hotel or to the view that is afforded from each and every room. Our room consisted of an open air, L shaped, living room (couch and a couple of chairs) with a good sized infinity pool and a couple of lounge chairs off to the side (small side of the L shape). The bedroom had a tri fold door that separated it from the living room and another glass double door that looked onto La Ropa. I hope that my descr1ption is making sense because everything flowed together wonderfully. My friend's room consisted of a bedroom with attached sitting area (down two steps) that opened through glass doors to a small patio with a dip pool--all of which looked out onto La Ropa beach. My only words of caution are regarding the steps (not too many--maybe 20?) and the hill that you have to traverse to get up and down to the beach. Even so we thought of it as the $200 hill---every time we climbed up it from Villa del Sol we saved about $200 as compared to what a lagoon prime suite would have cost us. I can honestly say that our room was as nice (if not a bit better because of the view) as our room at VDS last year, but literally a third of the price. Our host, Heiku (sp?) was quite a character, great humored, and so helpful. He was more than willing to set up a dinner reservation, call a cab, make a suggestion, lots of fun! We heard all about the additional construction that is going to only add to the hotel's appeal. I believe by the end of the year they will have a large community pool (well large enough for 5 rooms?) and a BBQ area. The BBQ area is half way to completion right now. Everything is super clean and very comfy. I was prepared for my normal hard Mexico bed but we had no problem sleeping on the mattresses. All of the rooms have a mini fridge. coffee maker, blowdryer, plus glasses, bowls, silverware, everything you would need if you want to make a bite of breakfast or a snack. One night we headed into town and picked up dinner and all the sides from Pollo Feliz, brought it back and cracked some white wine---talk about relaxing!
During the day we did a lot of the usual things. We headed over to Las Gatas on our first full day in town--spent the day at Otilla's (far end of the beach) and it was fabulous. If you go say hi to Ivan and his dog Julio. We had a good dinner at La Cala to celebrate our anniversary. It was not quite as great as I remember, we really missed the live music. We paid the $25 per person to use the beachfront at VDS for two days. At first I was not sure that I wanted to spend the money but we ended up deciding it was worth it. I will leave that up to your personal taste but there is something to be said about being pampered. I enjoyed two massages on the beach, the ladies that work right in front of Villa Mexicana. Well worth the cost of $20, I have paid 5 times as much in the states and not enjoyed it as much. Most afternoons we would head over to Dona Prudencia (at villa mexicana) for the fish tacos (they have grilled pineapple) and a mango daiquiri (2 for 1 at hora feliz 5pm)--YUMMY!

We also went to dinner at Zihua Blue--new place across from the Blue Mamou. We enjoyed the ambiance, view and the food. It will be a must visit for us on our next trip. The owner/chef, Armando, was gracious and took the time to make sure we were pleased with our visit. We really appreciated the personal service.

Our friends went to Club Intrawest to inquire about their program, we ended up going back for dinner at Zi. The facilities were gorgeous and the food was tasty but the service was a bit lacking. That being said I do not think anyone would be disappointed by staying there but I will not return for dinner--there are too many other places to enjoy in Zihua.

In the morning I was up early--running down to La Ropa, up the hill next to Casa Que Canta, over and down to Playa Madera then round to Playa Principal to see the fisherman coming in with their catches. This is still my favorite time of the day in Zihua, when the smell of coffee and bacon is spilling out into the streets and the entire town is gearing up and coming alive. Then through town to the mercado to pick up a bit of fruit and then a nice run back to our pool (it felt like heaven by the time I made it up the hill).

If you have any questions regarding the hotel (or anything else for that matter) please ask. I know this board is invaluable to me--I would be so pleased to be able to give something back.

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