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Escrito por bellinghamster desde ( el día jueves, 03 de mayo, 2007 a las 20:01:02 horas :

I just wanted to say thank you for all the advice I received through the board. I took my son and his best friend in the end of April to Zihaut.. and we had the time of our lives. The kids had never been out of the US besides British Columbia/Canada before, and Zihuatanejo was the perfect introduction.

We stayed at two wonderful places(Casa Adriana and Bungalows Madera above Playa Madera) and swam, ate, and "sightseed" ourselves silly.
The snorkeling at Isla Ixtapa was wonderful, and we WILL be going back. We took the combi in front of the Mercado to the turnoff to Playa Larga, and then to the beach, and spent the day lounging in the hammocks of one of the restaurants, eating pozole, and wading in the surf(too strong to swim...) Walking back to the Hiway through the Coconut and Mango plantations was an experience the boys won't forget-both for the scenary, and the temperature..(ahh.. they needed a taste of reality!!)

Walking in el Centro, buying fish from the fisherman on Playa Principal, shopping at the Mercado, people watching at the basketball and volleyball games, kayaking in the surf at Playa Madera(thanks to Mark Fromen and the Bungalows Madera), eating Abalone Ceviche at sunset with my (usually extremely picky) son, daily breakfasts at La Casa Cafe, all added up to a fantastic time.

(Only slight sourness to our trip was the draining of the canal beginning 4 days after we arrived. That is more than unfortunate that the authorities allow that to go on. Returning from the crystal clear waters of Isla Ixtapa to the much more cloudy and slightly fishy ones of Playa Madera was too big of a contrast- and we stopped swimming locally.)

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