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Escrito por Moira in SF desde (?) el día viernes, 11 de mayo, 2007 a las 13:19:39 horas :

Arrived in Zihua via Alaska Air flight 204 (San Fran to LA, LA to Zihua). Alaska is now using 737-900’s which are the longest of the 737 fleet. The planes are new, the seats are very nice…even in row 21. My partner and I joined the Alaska Visa signature card last year so we could get a $50 companion ticket every year (FYI $50 ends up being $150 after taxes and fees – but still a good deal to me!). Anyway, my partner’s ticket was $382 RT and mine was $150 on the companion ticket. Another good thing about Alaska, they only charge $50 for a change in ticket. We originally were going to come back on Monday, May 7th, but moved it to Wed, May 9th.

Picked up our Alamo rental car at the airport. I reserved a Jetta automatic. They did not have an automatic available for me…only a manual. They gave me a few options – they would drive us to their office in Ixtapa to get the automatic, we could keep the stick (they did not agree to a reduction in price, though), or (after much frowning on my part) they could bring up an automatic to Troncones in 3 hours. I chose the latter! And they were good on their word; they did bring the car to us in Troncones.

Once on the road, we stopped at the Commercial Mexicana in Zihua to stock up on food, drinks and floaties. The drive to Troncones after that was pleasant.

My partner and I are building a casa in Troncones, so this is our 6th trip in the last 24 months. It is amazing to see what’s changed since the previous visit. There are more and more places being built in Troncones. But the funny thing is…even though I notice something new every time…it’s not overwhelming construction. Just little projects you notice. Especially the ones that are not on the ocean side of the street. We’ve made a few friends in Troncones as well…and they are noticing a more constant stream of visitors…and with that, increased services for tourists. Still nothing like Zihua or Ixtapa, just basics (like coffee/breakfast places, yoga, massage, good eating…and hopefully soon, an internet café).

Even though you read reports of these areas growing too fast, I still think Troncones has an incredible vibe and small town feel. Everything is relative, though, and I can appreciate how change impacts those who have lived there for a while. As a homeowner (now), I’m sure I’ll go through some similar emotions over time! Anyway, the flora and fauna in the Troncones area is extremely precious and I look forward to respecting and preserving what I can over time.

We stayed the first three nights at Tronco Bay Inn. The Inn is located on Manzanillo Bay two doors down (North) of Hacienda Eden. We had rooms 5 & 6 which were non-view rooms (less expensive). The rooms were huge, clean and comfortable. We paid $10 to put a mini-frig in one of the rooms. Each room was $80/night. Breakfast was not included, but the restaurant prices where good and there is a pool so I think this is a great deal. There are 12 rooms in all. While we were there, I think 2-3 other rooms were occupied.

Our first night there, a wedding was being held at Casa Manzanillo (5 casas North of Tronco Bay). It was fun to see folks dressed up (dressed up for a beach wedding) walking to the ceremony.

Casa Manzanillo has opened a new restaurant called “Diego’s”. Check it out. I did not eat there this time around, but I know the new chef (he used to work at Present Moment).

We ate mostly at Tronco Bay Inn. The fish tacos were awesome. All the food was good. FYI, they start serving coffee around 8:30am…and breakfast around 9-9:30am.

Our last two nights, we rented a home called Casa Teresa. I do not think this homeowner had ever rented his casa to others before, but I’m so glad he decided to start renting! Casa Teresa is a 4 bedroom, 5 bath house (it’s huge really) with a pool. Let me just say that it is awesome and I highly recommend it (if you can afford it). You can arrange to have Magdalena cook for you (which we did). So we ate the rest of our meals there. Thus, the last two days were just to relax.

We did do a Yoga class one day at Present Moment. Two hours of yoga about did me in, but it’s the best two hours of exercise you can ever imagine! Their restaurant was very busy, which I was happy to see.

I had a chance to talk to Alejandro (who runs a local kayaking, hiking, biking, etc. tour company which emphasizes cleaning up the environment). His business has been slow. I’m hoping he stays because his tours are amazing and he really is trying to do good (picking up trash on kayaking trips). If you want to contact him, his email is

Last couple items. We went into Zihua on Sunday, May 6th to watch the celebrations at the basketball court. The niños (children) were doing skits. They were precious. We stopped into a new (well, 1 year old) bar on the main strip along the water called The Shiva Bar. We were drawn in by the $1 beers. Wallace (who runs the place) is a charming young man. We really enjoyed talking with him.

Well, that’s it. We left on Wednesday, May 9th – the 5:05pm flight to LA. As always, flying out is sad, but we know we’ll be back soon to see our friends in Mexico.

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