TRIP REPORT April 30-May 9

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Escrito por Rhonda desde ( el día domingo, 13 de mayo, 2007 a las 13:59:58 horas :

On Monday April 30th, we arrived in Zihua for our second time. Because of low season, we had quite a journey on the way, we left Calgary at 7 am, changing planes in Phoenix, then on to Mexico City for a 2.5 hour lay-over, arriving in Zihua at about 6:30 pm. The guys went on to our hotel, Bungalows Ley, while we stopped at the Commercial for staples.

We had left Calgary with 1 degree out, and arrived to about 34 degrees, what a change. We were ready for it though. We had planned this trip specifically to enter the Torneo Anual Internacional De Le Pesca Del Pez Vela, Marlin Y Dorado.

This sportfishing tournament, I believe, was the 26th annual. The largest catch of sailfish, marlin and dorado could win prizes such as a new Ford truck. We never went with the intention of winning, just to have some fun with our friends from Zihua.

We are lucky enough to be friend with Armando Vargas, of the Vargas sportfishing charters and his family. Wonderful, wonderful people. Armando captains the El Don, which will soon be name-changed to the Hakuna Matada,(what a perfect name for a boat), and his son Richard captains the Nautilius II.

The first few days we spent just lazing around, how peaceful. Went on a sunset cruise with Armando and his family to Ixtapa Isle and had dinner. Absolutely great watching the sun go down and the moon arrive.

The day before the tournament started, Thursday, 3 of us went to Las Gatas just to hang out. Had a super lunch, sorry, don't remember the name, but it was the second last restaurant on the end, with red umbrellas. My first time to Las Gatas, and really enjoyed it. I am, though a laid back read a book, and sun-tan kind of gal. No worries, here.

Friday, up and at em at 5:00 am, to be at the pier at 6:00, everybody was waiting, lots of excitement with all the participants and locals. There were 113 entrants, so you can imagine, it was quite busy down there. After filling our coolers and buying lunch, we were off. The men were on the El Don, and us ladies on the Nautilius, with Armando's wife and Richards wife. Richard and his co-captain Joel, were great. Day one saw us catching 4 sailfish, releasing 2, the El Don, catching and releasing 2. Women 4, men 2.

Day two, Saturday, we started out the same, with the flare gun sending us off at exactly 7:am. This proved to be a more challenging day. Not many bites, but the ocean was a lot calmer, this day. We ended up with 2 and released both, the men, a big fat goose egg. Women 6, men 2. You can see where this is going! We did have a dorado bite on Saturday, but spit the hook. Dang.

Sunday and final day, everybody was out for the Big One! It started out the same as Saturday, very slow. No pescados anywhere. We were praying to the fishing Gods, we were sending coin in to the deep blue sea, making wishes, but nothing. Until we were on our way home, then we got a bite, A Marlin. Ya hoo. Spit the dang hook! Not five minutes later, we had another catch and release sailfish. None of the sailfish we caught, we thought, were worth weighing, so released them. Regardless of the "No-Win situation", we had a awesome time. The men did catch a marlin early Sunday Morning, weighing only about 90 kgs. They were in 5th place until the bitter end, then another catch came in slightly bigger. Oh well. There is always next year, and believe me, we will be back. Oh did I mention, that although they caught a marlin, we still outfished them!

Monday and Tuesday saw us hanging out, relaxing after those three days, it was deserved. Ate at the Sanka Grill, new to us, it was good, but a little pricey. Had coconut shrimp at La Rene Rana on Madera Beach, awesome. Angel, our waiter remembered us from December and made us feel right at home. Also tried Pericos(sp?), walking on the way to the Bank from Madera, on the left. Fantastic Cesar Salad. Quite different from what I'm used too, but fabulous.

Last day saw us shopping a little, we only took carry ons this time, because of the short change over in Pheonix, so we couldn't get much. The usual shell necklaces and key chains. Stopped in a t a jewelery store right beside the Sirena Gorda(The Fat Mermaid) and got a beautiful silver choker and pendant for a steal. Slow season has it's advantages.

Low season definitely had its advantage, not being busy anywhere but the pier. Lilly's, at the start of the pier, as always, was steady, but Pauly and Lily are so accommodating that it didn't matter.

So thats my trip report in a nut shell, (Talk about fishing stories). We had a fantastic time, regardless of the all the negativity we hear about crime and corruption in Zihua. I, as many others, realize that it is everywhere, maybe not to the degree that the locals feel and see, but Zihua is a magical, beautiful relaxing place to vacation. We LOVe every minute of being there and experience all the old and new things we can.

See you there in the Fall.

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