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Escrito por Darla in Texas desde (?) el día sábado, 19 de mayo, 2007 a las 18:03:47 horas :

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If anyone is interested in contacting Omar and sharing the same experience we had, his email address is He has friends / family that own a shop in Centro Comercial Ixtapa Plaza called La Rana (where, by the way, we got a great deal on some very high quality silver pieces). If you are unable to reach him by email, just swing by that shop and they'll contact him for you, or phone him at his home (755) 554-8842 and mobile 755-108-7605. Hope you're able to make contact. If any problems, let me know and I'll be more than happy to assist. An alternate would be at La Rana (the silver shop). Their number is (755) 553-1550. Good luck!

Many people approached us when we were with Omar and were very friendly toward the hotel, the bank and on the street. After he let us off at the hotel, even the staff there told us how lucky we were to have crossed paths with him. He is just an overall great guy. His love for Zihua and it's people is just extremely evident and encouraging. You won't be disappointed! I do have an additional question....we were wanting to ship several large boxes of clothing, shoes, etc. to Omar for distribution to some of the people we met. Can anyone recommend the best method for shipping from Texas? I wasn't even sure if you guys have FedEx, UPS, etc. As you can see, I am still in the remedial stages of educating myself about all things Zihua. I really wanted to post some of the pictures we took - especially of some of the precious kids. Haven't quite got that hang of that yet either! As an ending note, my husband and I truly desire to help anyone in need. If anyone credible (Rob, I'll have to trust you to guide us on that one) has an unmet need of someone in the area that could use some kind of assistance, please let us know. And thanks to each one of you for your kind words!

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