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Escrito por Wallee desde ( el día sábado, 26 de mayo, 2007 a las 23:04:23 horas :

This was our second trip to Zih and I think it was even better than our first one. We stayed at the Catalina again and were once again amazed at the grace of the staff and the beauty of the resort. Thanks to Eva and Celso. They make you feel so at home. While there, we were even able to attend the releasing of baby sea turtles into the ocean. Incredible sight and very emotional.

We did go downtown, but just to go to Comercial Mexicana for Gin, tonic, water, and snacks. The same trip included about 3 hours picking up some T-shirts from a shop near the harbor and buying a nice silver and opal necklace from Alberto's. We could have spent days just wandering around there enjoying the people and the sights, but the beach was calling.

We swam and snorkled every day. The water temperature was perfect and clarity was pretty good until the last day when we encountered the red tide. We snorkled off the rocks on La Ropa and at Las Gatas where we saw a multitude of fish. Two days later we took a boat to Playa Manzanilla where we snorkled for 3 hours. We also went to Isla Ixtapa for even more beach and water time, plus a great lunch of shrimp and fish tacos.

We ate every night at one or another restaurant on La Ropa Beach. There is no way to ever get tired of the great seafood you can get there. We went to El Manglar twice. We met Gustavo, a great waiter, there. He showed us the crocodiles that are on premises and then served us the best fish wrapped in banana leaves we have ever had. Be sure and ask for him if dine or just visit El Manglar. He is a very nice young man with an infectious smile.

Best of all was meeting the wonderful people that live and work in Zih. I don't mean just people like Eva that own hotels and restaurants, but the waiters, bartenders, maids, craftsman working downtown, and the beach vendors. It doesn't matter what job they hold or do, they do it with pride and with a smile. We loved watching entire families, from great grandmas down to toddlers, enjoying the beach and the ocean. We saw old men and women holding on to younger family members arms as they walked through the water on the beach. Whole families having fun together! It was great.

Thanks Zih........we will be back......

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